Latest Sex Offences perpetrated on 8-year-old Girl raises questions!!! Report and Questions by Robert A. Williams

It was morning on May 10, 2019 when a source reported that Patrick Ryan Humphries, 30, was allegedly caught by law enforcement with a naked 9-year-old girl in his car at about 1:00 AM that very morning.

Humphries was allegedly parked outside the residence of the child’s mother with his car radio playing loud. So loud that neighbors called the law. And when the law arrived, Humphries was caught red handed with the naked girl. My report did not say whether or not Humphries was also naked, or what.

My first thought was to “scoop” the Star with the story. But scooping the Star has become so easy. Besides, I smelled a rat in this whole episode. So, I decided to hold off just to see what would happen next. Humphries was in jail under $100,000 bond so he wasn’t going anywhere. Humphries was charged with Kidnapping, statutory rape and statutory sexual offense on a child by an adult. What was going on with the mother?? was also the question in my mind.

The next Tuesday, May 14, 2019 the Star published a short article on page 3. On a Front-Page worthy story. About the only difference in my report and the Star article was the little girl was 8, not 9 as I had been told. Still nothing about the mother.

Then on Wednesday, May, 15, 2019 the Star published another article, again om Page 3 titled “Court Docs: Woman allowed child sexual abuse.” Now, the mother, Kelly Anne Smith, 32, is charged with felony child sexual abuse for allegedly willfully allowing her 8-year-old daughter to be sexually abused. Smith’s bond was set at $75,000. Humphries, due to further investigation, had three additional charges lodged against him and his bond was raised to $350,000.

Well, those high bonds will likely keep Patrick Ryan Humphries and Kelly Anne Smith in jail for two years or more before the District Attorney’s Office gets around to trying the cases. So, in the meantime, let’s just think about this situation.

1. The first thought has to be, where was the Cleveland County DSS? Had there been any reports made to DSS about this strange and sick conduct that obviously had been going on over time? Did the girl talk to anybody? School teachers, friends, etc. and they did not make reports to anybody. The fact that the Star hid these articles on Page 3 provides some indication that the Star is playing down this news. News that deserves Front Page coverage and is too big to ignore gets hidden away on page 3?? Also, were there any other children in the house? Not a peep about that or any DSS involvement. The Commissioners, now overseeing DSS ought to be investigating this. Do more heads need to roll at DSS? There are aplenty.

2. Why did the woman and mother, Kelly Anne Smith, get off with only one charge and only a $75,000 bond for allowing Humphries to do what he did and Humphries got a $350,000 bond? In my mind, the m other is just as guilty, maybe more guilty than Humphries. Although both are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

3. Is this coming down like the murder of the elderly woman by her Granddaughter’s fiancé when the fiancé got life in prison and the woman got set scot-free? Hopefully ADA Rick Shaffer does NOT get assigned to this case. Neither should Sally Kirby-Turner or Beth Lari as they seem to go hard on men and “light” on women.

Anyway, this is a serious case and it needs serious prosecution. And serious investigation to see if DSS let this situation fall through the cracks, as they often do.

Stay tuned!!!

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