Kelly Hastings Fires Back at Critics of HB2 !!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

HB2 Stands for House Bill number 2 that requires people to use the bathroom marked with the same sex that is on their birth certificate. A simple concept that has existed since God created Adam and Eve. HB2 was written to counteract a stupid ordnance that the City of Charlotte passed that would allow men who “say” they “think” they are women to use the women’s bathroom and to take showers with little girls. I believe Cleveland County, North Carolina and the world overwhelmingly support the concept of HB2. Only the gay agenda folks are mad about HB2, but they have loud screaming voices in the Democrat Party and tell big whopper lies that HB2 discriminates against them.

When Democrat Roy Cooper was determined to be the Governor by the slimmest of margins, he has continually harped on repealing HB2.

Kelly Hastings is the Conservative Republican that the citizens of Cleveland and Gaston Counties in House District 110 elected by a wide margin to represent them in Raleigh. Kelly used to represent me until the District lines were re-drawn a few years back.

On several occasions I have sent Kelly Hastings, Tim Moore and Warren Daniel (Cleveland County’s representatives in the General Assembly) messages urging them to resist Roy Cooper’s attempts to repeal HB2. They have done so. Kelly Hastings has followed up by sending me his statement on this whole issue. I am sharing that statement with you. These are Kelly Hastings own words. I support Kelly Hastings on what he says. I believe you should too.

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