Jury Duty Part III-Trial of Century Stopped and Jury Sent Home!!! Trial Starts all over July 30 with New Jury Selection!! Something Fishy Going on!! Report by Robert A. Williams

As I stated in Jury Duty Part II, last Wednesday afternoon (July 11, 2018) , Myself and several others were dismissed from the jury in the Jim Teddy Wrongful Death-Medical Malpractice lawsuit trial. I was dismissed by a “preemptory challenge” by the Doctor’s Lawyers and the others were dismissed “for cause.” Six jurors had been selected for the trial, six more were to be selected from the waiting jury pool of approximately 100 (the courtroom was packed and people were standing) and the actual trial was to have started Monday Morning, July 16, 2018 with opening arguments from the attorneys. Those of us that had been dismissed and left standing in the back were taken out of the courtroom by the Bailiff and told we were released from this jury and released from the entire jury pool for two years.

Now that I was a member of the general public again with my Constitutional Rights restored I could have returned to the courtroom and watched the rest of the jury selection, which is a right of the public, Myself and the rest of us “rejects” didn’t care to stand in the back of the courtroom for the rest of the day, so we went home right then and there.

But since I had a personal interest regarding the colonoscopic examination that my family doctor had recommended and there were questions in my mind on whether I should go ahead with my original plans to have the examination done by the same group that had been sued for negligence and wrongful death, go someplace else or try for a different form of the examination, I showed up back at the courthouse Monday Morning, July 16, 2018.

The Courtroom was empty. What the heck was going on? I wondered.

As I had already decided to research this case beginning back to the filing of the original lawsuit as well as find out what happened to the Teddy wrongful death trial, I go down to the Clerk of Court’s Office where all the records are kept.

I asked the lady behind the big glass window about the Teddy case and she goes talks to someone and comes back saying it had been continued. I asked Why? It being very unusual for a trial to be continued after the jury is selected, unless there is a settlement. Just about that time the Courtroom Clerk for the Teddy trial comes through and I ask him why the case was continued and when was it continued to. He says the trial is continued until July 30th and kept on walking.

Well, I wasn’t deterred in finding out what was going on. But, to make a long short, the entire jury pool was “tainted” by lawyer misconduct so the Judge stopped the trial before it actually began. And to let everybody know that the biggest lawsuit in Cleveland County History has only been postponed until July 30th, and, so nobody will waste their time this week and later to witness this trial for themselves and wonder what happened; I will stop this article right here as just a notification that the case has been postponed. I will begin the next article with the details that I found out looking through the court documents.

Folks, This case is dynamite, so stay tuned for “Jury Duty-Part IV–Lawyer Misconduct.”

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