Is Cleveland County Officially Classified a “Dying County!!??” The only stupid question is one that is not asked!!! Question and Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following message was sent to me Friday Night. I think it deserves an answer straight from the County Manager and County Commissioners.

Dear Mr. Williams,

I’ve heard rumors of a meeting today in which the county manager said Cleveland County was officially classified as a dying county. Have you heard anything like that? Please keep my name under your hat.


So, Commissioners, County Manager and Staff; has Cleveland County been officially classified a “Dying County” or what? Please explain in full. Citizens and Taxpayers in Cleveland County want an answer, a straight answer and fast. Also, what is the plan to do something about this situation?

Please Consider this message a submittal for documents and information under the Freedom Of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records Laws.

Also, since this meeting noted in the message above happened Friday or thereabouts, this information should be available immediately. And should be provided immediately.


Robert A. Williams

PS: It is a shame that Cleveland County Citizens are afraid to ask questions like this themselves. Was this a secret meeting or what?

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