Interim DSS Director Jane Shooter’s Record of bad acts: Part I: 1994-The Abuse, Rape and Murder of Jodice Peeler (2 ½ years old) and a DSS cover-up of the Murder to Cover-up DSS negligence!!! Exhuming Body Recommended!! Then and now!!! Report of previous reports by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The two attached copies of the very first Citizens For Good Government (Print Issues) were published and distributed in 1995 and deal in large part with extremely bad acts by the Cleveland County Department of Social Services in General and Jane Shooter in particular.

Issue No 1
The first Issue is dated January 1995 and reports the circumstances regarding the abuse, rape and murder of 2 ½ year old Jodice Peeler at the hands of the mother’s boyfriend and the DSS cover-up which also had to include covering up the fact that the child was actually murdered. State Investigations found fault with the CCDSS and the DSS and Commissioners did nothing. Jane Shooter and others were directly involved.

The report begins on the January 1995 Issue front page. Follow the article through the publication for the who, what and when facts of the child abuse and murder. Jane Shooter is named and her bad acts are described in detail. Note that I first called for Jane Shooter to be dismissed from the CCDSS in this 1995 report. Also note that the LGBTQ sexuality practices of Jane Shooter were DIRECTLY related to Shooter’s On-the-job Performance by Shooter covering up for the negligence of one of her gay lovers by falsifying official records.

Also Note that there was a recommendation to exhume the Body of Jodice Peeler to confirm whether or not the child had broken bones, fresh and healed before the murder. I still recommend exhuming the child’s body to settle this issue for once and for all. Jodice is buried in a little Cemetery on Holly Oak Road.

Issue No 2
The second issue is dated February 1995 and reports the circumstances of an elderly lady, Laura Moses, totally abused by the Cleveland County Department of Social Services as a cover for robbing the elderly lady of her life savings as well as her freedom by the CCDSS This starts on Page 1. Additional information regarding the Murder of the child Jodice Peeler that begins on Page 3 under an article written by Rodney Spencer.

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