Holbrook for Commissioner Campaign Changes Strategy!!! Right in the Middle of Early Voting!!! Report and Commentary by Robert A. Williams

The Re-elect Eddie Holbrook campaign is spending money like nobody’s business. As we speak the Holbrook campaign has just received a big batch of new signs that Holbrook is installing, not in new locations, but is stapling the new signs right over the top of existing campaign signs.

About the only difference in the signs is the old signs have the phrase “Together we Can.” The new signs state that Holbrook is the “only candidate” that has “been elected by the people.”

I think it is totally obvious what Holbrook is trying to do with his new message. Divide and Conquer.

During the 2018 Democrat primary election Eddie Holbrook played his Plantation Politics Race Card with his Uncle Toms to capture one of the two black votes available to each voter. Together we Can, Together we Can was Holbrook’s rallying cry. All the time asking white Democrat voters and Unaffiliated voters to single shot for Holbrook. It worked–barely.

Now, Holbrook’s political advisors have apparently decided the “Blue Wave” is going to be a “Red Wave” (as was discussed in Friday’s Political Smackdown) and Holbrook wants white Democrat single shot votes, plus now Holbrook is throwing incumbent Republican candidates Ronnie Whetstine and Doug Bridges under the bus as Holbrook looks to garner Republican and Unaffiliated Single shot votes too. Breaking all indications of working as a team with any of the other candidates, Republican and the black democrats too.

Casual observers may be surprised at Eddie Holbrook’s throwing everybody else under the bus. But, I am not a casual observer to what is going on in Cleveland County Politics. As you read my previous article “Eddie Holbrook-By the Numbers” you too should realize that Eddie Holbrook is out for Eddie Holbrook. He tells one story one day and a different story on a different day. All the time. It is easy to spot when you go to most of the County Commissioner meetings and watch Eddie Holbrook in action as I have.

You can also tell by Eddie Holbrook’s campaign spending that Holbrook is financed by lots of big money from inside Cleveland County as well as outside of Cleveland. Some with big connections with Catawba Indian Casino big money type connections as previously exposed. My read on the Commissioner’s race candidate spending for the 2018 election cycle is Holbrook will spend as much as every other candidate spent-COMBINED. With such spending going on, it has to be very likely that the big donors will all be in line for political payoffs sometime down the line. Probably sooner than later.

Folks, don’t believe me. Be on the lookout for the new Eddie Holbrook signs and decide for yourself.

Also, remember that tomorrow is the big “Souls to the Polls” buses hauling voters from Black Churches directly to the Early Voting locations. I expect Eddie Holbrook and other commissioners will be there too. As well as the other candidates looking for votes. It is likely to be a big contest of campaign signs as well. This election seems to be turning out to be one for the record books.

Stay tuned!!!

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