Handicapped Autistic Child Assaulted by a Teacher, abused and tortured by Principal at North Shelby School!!! OLD and NEW School Board Do Nothing!!! “NO Action Taken” says NEW School Board Chairman!! at February 8, 2021 School Board Meeting!!! CCS new Lawyers says “don’t talk to these people??” Secret Meeting by NEW School Board unveiled by Robert A. Williams

The very last item on the Agenda for the February 9th, 2021 NEW School Board Meeting was a Closed Session falsely identified on the printed Agenda as a “Student Matter.” The actual purpose of the Closed Session was for a parent and her retained investigator to inform the New School Board of allegations and evidence of a felony crime related to a North Shelby School teacher’s assault on a handicapped autistic child causing a serious head injury.

Besides the false identification on the meeting agenda, the Closed Session was illegal in two major aspects.

1. The Closed session was not called in accordance with North Carolina law. North Carolina General Statute 143-318-11(c) Calling a Closed Session states (in part) Calling a Closed Session. – A public body may hold a closed session only upon a motion duly made and adopted at an open meeting. Every motion to close a meeting shall cite one or more of the permissible purposes listed in subsection (a) of this section. The Motion made to close the session did NOT cite a permissible purpose listed in subsection (a) of this section. The Motion made only cited NCGS 143-318.11 and then stated for a “confidential student matter.”
2. There is NO “confidential student matter” listed as a permissible purpose in subsection (a) of “this section.”

As it turned out, this “omission” appears to have been deliberate.

As I did not realize at this p[articular point in the meeting just exactly what this Called Session was all about, I approached the new Board Attorney and informed her that the Closed Session had not been properly called in accordance with North Carolina Law, and stated the law, the New attorney disagreed with me saying that saying, in the motion, that the meeting was for “a confidential student matter” was sufficient. I immediately informed her that “that was NOT what the NC General Statues say.” The NCGS notation above came directly from the NC General Statutes. You readers can decide for yourself what the laws actually says. As for me, based on this and other statements the new lawyer made to the NEW School Board Majority who selected her, I became aware that this new attorney was very likely attempting to cover-up for the NEW School Board Majority on this and other issues related to keeping proper records and conducting illegal Board Committee Meetings for the purpose of avoiding North Carolina Public Records laws. And, God only knows, what other corruption is coming from this New School Board Majority and is being covered-up. I will inform you in other articles as I discover the corruption that seems to be fast springing-up under the so-called “leadership” of the new School Board chairman.

It was only moments after my disappointing encounter the new school board attorney that I realized exactly what this false and illegal Closed Session was all about. As the School Board was leaving the Meeting room heading for their Closed Session, a Parent of a handicapped autistic child, Suzan Parris, and her retained investigator, David Poston were also heading for the Closed Session Meeting Room. As Mr. Poston had clearly informed the School Board at the previous school board meeting that a serious felony crime had been perpetrated by a teacher (and abused and tortured by the Principal) against Ms. Parris’s handicapped and severely autistic son, I knew that something important was surely going down. I decided to stay to see what I could find out. Based on what the attorney had just told me, I feared that the NEW School Board would come out of their Closed Session and state for the record that “NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.” As it turned out I was, unfortunately 1,000% correct, but still very disappointed that another injustice, of many, had just taken place.

But there is more, much more, to this story. Ms. Parris and David Poston have provided me with every document they presented to the NEW School Board Majority and given me permission to publish it all in any way I see fit. Which you readers already know; I will be publishing it all. Not necessarily in one big article, but maybe in a series of articles.

In any event, Stay tuned for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And soon! Wouldn’t it be really nice if we could get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the NEW School Board Majority. On this and other subjects.

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