Gossip Report: Cleveland County Schools Falsified Records Cause Feds to raise priority of Title IX Complaint investigation to highest levels!! Also, New Fieldhouse for the Boys Football Team is now in question!!! Gossip Report and arguendo provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I call this a gossip report in order to protect my sources. However, I believe every word in this article is 100% true. I suggest you decide for yourselves.

It is no secret that the US Governmental Agencies, Civil Rights Division, has been investigating a claim of a Title IX violation at Shelby High School that has been ongoing for several years not. For your information Title IX is an abbreviated name for Title IX of the US Civil Rights laws that are related to discrimination because of gender. The particular complaint is that the facilities at Shelby High School, the boy’s baseball field, represents a discriminatory facility because (1) the Girls’ softball team is not allowed to play on the boys’ field and (2) There is no field at SHS where the girls softball team can play.

It is obvious that the Boys baseball field, where $Millions of taxpayer funds have been spent to accommodate Eddie Holbrook’s American Legion World Series, Baseball, INC. “Daydream” has now embroiled Cleveland County Schools in to a Title IX violation that might take $5 million more in taxpayer funding to get out of it. But the blame is not all on Eddie Holbrook. The rest of the Cleveland County Commissioners as well as the present CCS School Board are right in there too. As well as all of you voters who keep on putting these same “crooks: in place year after year as our representatives.

As of recently the Title IX violation Complaint has simmered on a back burner because of the large nationwide number of complaints. CCS apparently thought they could hide in the crowd and get away with their wrongdoings.

However, reports say that word has reached Title IX supervision that Cleveland County Schools have been falsifying records regarding the Title IX Complaint at Shelby High Schools as well as the fact that the School Board has just recently approved a high dollar expansion of the Boys Football Fieldhouse. That, basically CCS was thumbing their nose at Title IX by expanding their gender discrimination right in the face of an ongoing Title IX complaint investigation. Word has reached my ears that the Title IX folks have now decided to make an example of CCS and Shelby Hi8gh School by jacking up their investigations here to the TOP of the priority list.

I say good for Title IX. The present “Laser grading” and fence rework at the SHS Boys Baseball Field as well as the plans for the Football Fieldhouse make it totally obvious to ALL, that CCS and the Eddie Holbrook contingent think they can get away with anything and everything for forever. Wouldn’t it be good Karma for Eddie Holbrook and the Commissioners, as well as the old School Board to all be fitted out with brand new prison jumpsuits and be tasked with breaking up rocks every day of their long prison sentences. Of course, that would be well and good. But the rest of us dummies who live in Cleveland County will end up paying for all the fines and penalties. I suppose that is just what we deserve for refusing to pay attention to what is going on in Cleveland County. And all y’all having to listen to me saying, I TOLD YOU SO!!!! Lol

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