Gaston College Does it Right!!!!– Gaston College Promise Program offers scholarships to all qualified students in Gaston and Lincoln Counties!!- Cleveland County Bites the Dust Four Years Ago! Report By Robert A. Williams

Four years ago Double Super-Bowl Champ Willie Green, Former Cleveland County Commissioner Chairman Willie McIntosh and others offered the Cleveland County Commissioners, Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland Community College the opportunity to really help worthy students in Cleveland County attend college with a similar program. A real program that would really help students, but the commissioners, schools and college said no. People in Gaston and Lincoln Counties have leadership teams that are not so short-sighted and stupid. Cleveland County leadership had to stick with dumbed down phony classes to increase their participation rate and cash flow to themselves. Students be damned.

Anyway, according to the new Cleveland Community College Interim President Dr. Bill Aiken says nothing constructive comes from dwelling in the past. That’s just how stupid the CCC Board of Un-Trust-Worthys are for selecting an Interim President who doesn’t believe in learning from your mistakes.

Folks, Don’t believe me, Read for yourself what Gaston and Lincoln Counties are doing right in the article below. Then ask your “leadership” why did we turn this good deal down? But, be careful of their lies. Bottom line is Cleveland County Leadership are self made morons surrounded on all sides by smart people. Get out to vote on Election Day and change your luck.

And all you donors who are put out with the scandals, call Willie Green and see if this same program can be initiated in Cleveland County outside of and away from the scandals and nitwits at Cleveland County Schools, Cleveland Community College and the Commissioners. Put your names on your own College this time around.

Visit Gaston College and see what they’re doing with this GC Scholarship.

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