Folks, Turn Jan 13th School Board Meeting into a Candidate’s Forum!!! Everybody come to the Monday, January 13, 2020 School Board Meeting!! Commissioners, Citizens, Sheriff Alan Norman, All Candidates for School Board and Commissioners, Voters, Parents, Everybody!!! We DEMAND Answers from School Board on phony lawsuit against Sheriff, Wasteful Spending, School Board Bullying Commissioners not to come to CCS Board Meetings, too many lies, etc. Everybody come to hear what is said and what is NOT said!! Talk to the Candidates that attend-Vote Against those that don’t!!! 2020 Republican Primary Early Voting Starts Feb. 13th!! Call to Arms by Robert A. Williams

Folks, We all know most School Board Meetings are BORING!!! Except when School Board member Danny Blanton speaks. But, Early Voting for the 2020 Primary Elections start February 13th, 2020. Time is already running out for normal candidates’ forums, etc. This School Board Meeting would be a good place to assemble School Board Candidates, Commissioner Candidates and others. The School Board Meeting starts at 6:00PM. Come Early and stay late. The School Board meeting has a closed session that will allow extra time for other candidates and citizens to mix and mingle amongst one another. A perfect opportunity for an old-time face-to-face get-together. Hopefully Sheriff Alan Norman will attend so he and the School Board that sued him can explain themselves to the people of Cleveland County why the School Board paid so much money for a frivolous lawsuit that everybody in Cleveland County is talking about. And want truthful answers from the “horse’s mouth.”

Send the School Board an email message at: This goes to all School Board members.

Send this message: “WE want YOU to add an item on the January 13th Agenda to inform the citizens of Cleveland County why Cleveland County Schools sued the Sheriff of Cleveland County for $3 Million and didn’t discuss it with ALL Board Members before the lawsuit was filed. WE want YOU to take questions from the floor as well as Sheriff Alan Norman and explain yourselves.”

Then add a question of your own about other things that you are concerned about, then click SEND.

Also, this will be a good time to see how the incumbent School Board members conduct their business. Whether they address and resolve problems or just continue with cover-ups.

Come early and sign up for citizens participation. Tell the School Board what you think about regarding Cleveland County Schools. Use that opportunity to tell the attending candidates what you want to see in our elected officials. I certainly plan to do just that and so should you.

Folks, Let’s fill up the house. Get involved!! Better yet, get informed!!! First hand. We don’t have much time or many opportunities before Early Voting starts Feb. 13, 2020.

Stay tuned.

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