Federal Judge Orders City of Shelby and Rick Howell to stop their delaying tactics and get down to business in Willie Green Lawsuit Updated report by Robert A. Williams

Federal Court Magistrate Judge W. Carleton Metcalf has Ordered the City of Shelby to stop their frivolous delaying tactics in the Federal Lawsuit Willie Green v. The City of Shelby and Rick Howell (individually). In particular, Judge Metcalf has specifically Ordered Shelby to file their “answer” to Mr. Green’s Complaint and do so with the proper protocols. By TODAY!!! A copy of the Court Order is provided below.

This “Answer” will consist of Shelby and Howell finally having to respond to the details of Mr. Green’s lawsuit “Complaint.” The Judge ordered this Answer filed by April 12, 2019. A big step toward Shelby and Howell facing a jury trial. There is one interim step that will be very informative. “Discovery” it is called. That is when each side requests information and documents from the other sides. Also, witnesses may be deposed under oath. This is when the rubber meets the road

When witnesses are deposed under oath, they usually get the message that a lie is perjury and perjury is a felony. I suspect it will be crying time for Shelby and Howell and the BS is about to stop. And justice is on its way.

Stay Tuned

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Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy

The City of Shelby, NC and Rick Howell are being sued for discrimination and defamation by former NFL football player Willie Green. A well utilized tactic by attorneys is delay, delay, and delay. This federal court judge is putting a stop to the games. The jury box and the ballot box is the best defense against racism and discrimination.

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy
Southern Coalition for Equal Protections Under the Law (SCEPUL)