Federal Investigation of City of Shelby will find what WE already Know!!! The City of Shelby Discriminates against people of COLOR!!! And then tries to cover it up!!! Report and documents provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I have almost lost count of the many instances of discrimination I have written about concerning the City of Shelby, Mr. Willie Green, Nivilla Campbell and others. Typically, in these articles I have broken down the discrimination and legal documents into plain words and explained how Federal laws were violated. Since 2021 is an election year for the City of Shelby City Council, I am just going to provide you with the documents related to the discrimination and let you read them for yourself.

And, why not??? Shelby Residents and taxpayers are or will pay for the wrongdoing that has been done by their elected leaders. It is time for YOU to spend YOUR time reading up on the things that are going on around you. Don’t as ME any questions. Ask Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony, City Manager Rick Howell, Councilmen Violet Dukes, Andrew Hopper, Rev. Charles Webber, David Causby, David White and Eric Hendricks. Also ask the City Attorney Andrea Leslie-Fite and YOUR new Federal Lawsuit Attorney Patrick Flanigan what is going on.

Folks, in the attached document, you will find that the Federal office of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has launched, Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an investigation into a complaint of workforce harassment based on racial discrimination. For your convenience, I have “scrubbed” many pages of “fluff” such as the City of Shelby’s Policies and redacted sheets where Shelby is claiming confidentiality.

In this document, you will find:
The initial EEOC Complaint
The US EEOC MOTICE OF CHARGE OF DISCRIMINATION served on the City of Shelby-which includes the preservation of records and a clear warning for the City of Shelby NOT to Retaliate against Nivilla Campbell amongst other things.
The Position Statement filed by Attorney Patrick Flanigan representing the City of Shelby. This Position Statement, “Factual Background” provides information that proves that the City of Shelby discriminates against Black/African Americans in employment, yet the very next thing that Shelby claims is “The City of Shelby is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
The Position Statement goes on to admit that they did in fact determine that a supervisor’s actions against Nivilla Campbell WAS harassment based on racially offensive language, that an internal investigation was done and a Supervisor was suspended without pay for eight hours as punishment. And that the City of Shelby never admitted to Nivilla Campbell that anyone was disciplined based on her complaint.
Then, the City of Shelby goes on to make foolish legal arguments that there was NO Discrimination of a Hostile Work Environment.
Statements, including names and titles, from witnesses are also included.
Numerous statements are documented about “picking cotton” references to the “N”-word, etc.
A letter from an attorney on Nivilla Campbell’s behalf to the City of Shelby outlining the wrongs that were done to Ms. Campbell reminded the City of Shelby that previous and continued acts of harassment that victimized Ms. Campbell and nothing had been done about it by the City of Shelby.
That the acts of supervisory inactions showed a “culture” within the City of Shelby that allowed Ms. Campbell to be victimized. Racial and gender-based victimization. All cover-ed up by the City of Shelby.
Some of the witness statements appeared to tell it like it was, but some witness statements appeared to be fearful of retaliation and placed the blame on racially offensive language ad responses on the victim, Nivilla Campbell.

The “official Documents (28 pages) are provided below for your convenience. Read for yourself how the City of Shelby operates with their culture of Corruption and cover-up.

Also Note that this complaint has turned into a full-fledged Federal Lawsuit filed with the Federal Courts in Asheville, NC. Most likely YOU taxpayers in Shelby will end up paying big bucks for the “wrong doing” of YOUR elected leadership. I have no sympathy for YOU for allowing all this to happen so often and for so long!!!

The Cleveland County Commissioners and the Department of Social Services also have a Federal Lawsuit against them for similar actions as the City of Shelby. When will these fools ever learn???

Shelby response to EEOC investigation-r1-1
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