FBI to Investigate District Attorney and Sheriff!! “Silence is no longer an Option!!! Report and arguendo forwarded by Robert A. Williams

This is just what we need in Cleveland County. Federal investigators looking over the shoulders and into the deep and dark hidey holes where corruption and cover-ups reside here in Cleveland County. Pender and New Hanover Counties beat us to it-this time. I an going to find out how the Southern Coalition for Equal Protection under the Law (SCEPUP) did it and bring the FBI down here in Cleveland County too. Cleveland County needs a good dose of transparency and accountability. Putting a few offenders in prison would certainly help the situation, right? RIGHT!!

The following is a notification from SCEPUL to Pender and New Hanover Officials, school boards, media and others are shown below. Change the names and you have Cleveland County to a tee.

Dear Mr. Poole,

I wish to inform you that this matter was referred to the FBI for investigation. We are hopeful that a thorough investigation will yield whether District Attorney Ben David or Sheriff Ed McMahon broke any federal laws in their handling of the Nicholas Oates allegations and others crimes reported throughout Pender and New Hanover Counties.

There is great disappointment that both the county and school system continue to fight legitimate lawsuits when upper level management staff are known to have engaged in serious criminal and unethical behaviors. Even more appalling is the total disregard for child safety.

Rev. Dante’ Murphy

On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 15:24, SCEPUL wrote:
Dear Democratic and Republican Parties and County Commissioners,

The purpose of this email is to:

1. That each of you inquire into the Sheriff’s and the District Attorney’s involvement in the decision not to charge Nicholas Oates with a crime after they learned of illicit text messages sent to a 12-year-old special needs student.
2. That each of you solicit resources in removing the Sheriff and District Attorney from office because of a failure in charging Nicholas Oates with a crime when they learned of the content of the texts he sends to a child.
3. That each of you solicit resources to restore the child and family traumatized by the actions of Nicholas Oates and the inactions law enforcement.

The last high-ranking official in the New Hanover County area to be removed from office was District Attorney Jerry Spivey. The reason was his use of a racial slur in a bar. The resulting determination by the courts was that the isolated incidence constituted grounds for dismissal from office.

We believe procedures should start for the removal of two county officials for a reason far more dire than use of a racial slur. The reason is placing children at risk of sexual abuse. It comes because of a lack of action by a triangle of officials: The New Hanover County District Attorney, Sheriff, and schools superintendent. The Michael Kelly case left a vague trail. The Nicholas Oats case leaves a clear trail.
We must now consider if a heinous disregard for child safety constitutes grounds for removal from office and we seek all political and governmental aid that is available in New Hanover County.

At hand is evidence that the inexplicable failure to charge Nicholas Oates with a very obnoxious and obvious crime caused severe harm to a twelve-year-old exceptional child—harm that has lifelong implications. As a result of this official negligence, and the follow-up continuation of Nicholas Oats’ employment in New Hanover Schools after his egregious sexting, countless other children were put at risk. That risk should never have happened, but with a negligent dereliction of duty, it did.

Based on recent law enforcement involvement by the DA’s office and past publications, statements, and recent emails—as well as activities in a recent sexual abuse charge—we believe that the decision not to charge Nicholas Oates with a crime was not the prerogative of a single actor. That decision followed a collaborative effort among Dr. Tim Markley, Sheriff Ed McMahon, and District Attorney Ben David. We believe this is becoming apparent beyond doubt. We believe it is reason for removal from office. At the least.

In addition to the above, we have the following concerns that are specific to the District Attorney’s office:
1. It took District Attorney Ben David nearly three years to respond to serious allegations that Holly Royals, a New Hanover County DSS Manager, interfered with a court order intended to bring justice to children who were sexually and physically abused. He done so only after New Hanover County Judge, Julius Corpening, was alerted that all cases coming before his court supervised by Holly Royals were in jeopardy of being overturned. Ms. Royals attempted to force a DSS worker to lie to the courts. Instead of being fired Ms. Royals received a promotion at DSS.
2. Most recently District Attorney Ben David refused to prosecute a teacher who was deemed by the New Hanover Title IX Director as touching a student in such a way that was “sexual in nature.” The same teacher was deemed as touching other students in the same manner. The teacher continues employment in the same position.
3. A Pender County student was properly charged by District Attorney Ben David after sexually assaulting a student, but the adults negligent in the matter received no charges or known consequences. The parents of the assaulted child were lied to for months and told they could not see the video. The Pender County Schools changed their stance only after media involvement.
4. A Pender County Assistant Principal and her husband have a pending case with the SBI after illegally entering the private assigned quarters of a DSS Social Worker during Hurricane Florence. The door was locked and the Social Worker was nude. The Assistant Principal, her husband, and daughter refused to leave and for two minutes stood before the nude social worker. The social worker was given five minutes to leave and was later found outside of the building shaken by the event.
5. A former teacher continues to substitute at the Pender County Schools after serious allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with students. The allegations were referred to the SBI.
Please note that the SBI is reported to be headed by Attorney General Josh Stein. The status of the cases are unknown and no responses to numerous public record requests. Silence is no longer an option when children are being harmed and put at risk.

Reverend Dante’ Murphy

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Bill Gray
1 year ago

Damn right, expose it by whatever means necessary. Neighbors, I guarantee that this is happening right here in Cleveland County, right now. Listen Up, In just this past week, I have been told stories that are straight out of the pits of Hell. I was told this very day, by a person that is very connected with our fool system, that a great many of the students in our schools are watching porn on their cell phones, that students are taking compromising pictures of others and bribing them for sex. Do we have blind school employees, is a Great Retirement really worth this. What is wrong with Parents, Grandparents, Clergy , Uncles and Aunts, adult Bothers and Sisters, StepFathers, StepMothers any Guardian and the list goes on and on. Hundreds of us know that this is true. Why do the people of Cleveland County tolerate this. Do people in Cleveland County think that we have some kind of heavenly cloud protecting us from all the things that are happening everywhere else ? It is happening every day, right here. I will be the first to say that I am just as guilty of allow this evil to flourish as anyone else. The majority of us have seen the rotting of everything that we once cherished. This rot is taking hold of our most cherished, it is destroying the Souls and the Minds of our young. If we loose the children, you and I will forever be held responsible. Stand up to this evil, Cleveland County, Stand up and defend the young ones. Millions have done just that for all of us. Stand or be Ashamed ! We may loose them, but at least WE TOOK A STAND.