Failed “Dover Opportunity Park” Project!!! One More Reason to go for Option 4-Do Nothing!!! New Commissioners are urged by County Administration to “kick the Tarbaby!!!” Report by Robert A. Williams

This article supplements my last article titled Commissioners in Transition Published April 4, 2019. Hopefully the Commissioners will learn from this additional “Get Rich Quick” scheme the Good-ole-boys pulled on the Commissioners with the Doran Mill property that was given to them. They wanted investors all right. They wanted to make tons of money off of other people’s money on land that they had been given by the “numb-skull” set of Commissioners.

In the end the good-ole-boys, after everything else failed, just stripped the property of everything of value. Made a $million or more off selling the assets at scrap yard prices and then just walked away leaving the property in such a mess that it cost the county $800,000 to clean it up.

Some of the numb-skull commissioners that did this crazy Dover Property giveaway to start with are still in office or back (and cover-up) what the original numb-skull commissioners did. It appears obvious that the new Commissioners Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin are being tempted to get themselves sucked up with a new set of Good-Ole-Boys so the Gobs can continue fleecing the taxpayers.

Like I said before, Option 4 is the best course of action here. Do nothing with the cleaned-up Dover Mill property until such times that Cleveland County is cured of what ails it and the culture of corruption that seems always to be at work in Cleveland County has their hands cut off from the County “Cookie Jar.” And, any profit off the Dover Mill property goes to the taxpayers and NOT the Good-Ole-Boys!!!

I have attached below one of the last attempts by the Good-Ole-Boys to pull a fraud on hapless investors. The Scheme totally failed. But notice how close this so-called “Dover Opportunity Park” scheme comes to Options 2 and 3 that the Commissioners voted to “study” at the April 2, 2019 Commissioners Meeting. The similarity is striking and too obvious to be a coincidence.

Also notice that the Gardner-Webb Godbold School of Business is included in this last fraud scheme. This is the same Godbold School of Business that said the Earl Scruggs Center would bring $220 Million into Cleveland County over 10 years. What a joke that was.

Anyway folks, and Especially Cleveland County Commissioners; (and especially Commissioners Doug Bridges, Deb Hardin and Johnny Hutchins) please read the attached fraud scheme and don’t fall into the same trap. Or kick that same Tarbaby. Look around you and figure out those that are pushing all these same old failed schemes, inside and outside County Administration and the frauds on the Economic Development Partnerships. Clean up the problems in Cleveland County first. Go back and re-read my last article if you have forgotten those problems that I listed. And remind yourself that I was only hitting the high spots.

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