Eight Leave Sheriff’s Office in Past 30 Days!! Sheriff purchases Surplus Military Tank!! Gossip by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This article is termed “gossip” to protect sources from retaliation. I believe every word of this report.

Sources report several more recent personnel departures from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. This makes eight over the past 30-days.

Sources also report that the pay for Deputies and Detention Officers at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is at least $5,000 per year less than surrounding counties.

Such a pay disparity is a huge incentive for Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office people to go elsewhere. The Cleveland County Commissioners would be a big part of the blame for that. However, Sheriff Alan Norman spending $250,000 to purchase a surplus military “Tank” for an undetermined use raises questions that have not been answered.

Sheriff Alan Norman’s comments on the high personnel turnover situation as well as the justification for spending a quarter million dollars on a Tank are welcomed in order to explain these situations to the public.

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