DO NOT PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS!!! School Board Meeting of October 11, 2021 –Report and Recommendation by Robert A. Williams

During a Safety Committee Report at the October 11, 2021 School Board meeting a “Safe at the Bus Stop” presentation was delivered. In that presentation it was noted that over a million school bus stop events occur annually, just in Cleveland County. It was also noted that every Cleveland County school bus has 3 cameras that can take pictures that identify the car and driver in every episode where a stopped school bus is illegally passed by another vehicle. Passing a stopped school bus is a very serious crime in Cleveland county and North Carolina as it puts kids boarding and offloading from school buses into great and grave danger.

The take away here is this: DO NOT EVER PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS!! If you do, you will be arrested and punished severely. And NOBODY will feel sorry for you.

(Note that there were many other serious issues on the agenda at this October 11, 2021 School Board meeting. These will be covered separately in other articles. Stay tuned!)

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