Devil-Worshippers Abound in Cleveland County!!!??– Reader comment forwarded and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Yesterday a reader called me in regard to my last article about the family connections in building the Fair fence. I was commended for my reporting. I was especially commended for my challenge to the County Commissioners and all of the county agencies to respond truthfully to and address publicly, for the record, to the issues in all my reports.

My response to the reader was that the Commissioners and the other agencies cannot respond with the truth because they would be admitting to their own unethical and illegal acts, right before the beginning of the 2020 Elections.

The deeply Religious caller then stated “if they cannot stand up for the truth, then they all must be possessed by the devil. Devil worshippers. The Devil is the source of all lies.”

So, what could I say? Except that “I agree with you.”

Hopefully all the 200 plus Christian Churches in Cleveland County and their Pastors will hold big Revivals this summer and teach their flocks about TRUTH. And how telling the truth is one of the Ten Commandments- “Thou shalt NOT bear false witness?” And teach their flocks that they should seek the truth and inform themselves to elect candidates who tell the truth in the forthcoming elections.

Just think how good things would be in Cleveland County if we just had truthful elected officials.

I have challenged the commissioners and other elected officials to tell the truth and do what is right. I have continuously told them that “It does not matter what you say, it is what you do” that indicates the truth within you. I also believe that “if the elected politicians are not part of the solution to the problems in Cleveland County, then they are a big part of the problem.” And need to be gotten rid of in the next election.

Isn’t that fair enough??? So, why do the Commissioners and their flunkies continue to tell people lies and say my writings are just gossip? Maybe my reader was correct. Maybe they are Devil worshippers.

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Bill Gray

Here is my opinion… I’m sure we have a few devil worshippers here in our County. We found that out when the fool Board allowed any church to have prayer before they( the fool board ) went into session. One of the next things the 200+ churches will have to address will be when a Drag Queen, comes to Cleveland County to read to the children. It is my hope that we elect a new School Board that will give due diligence to the objection the 200+ churches brings before then. If the church’s do ? The Church would do… Read more »

Bill Gray