Data Breach at Cleveland County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)!!! Social Security Numbers compromised for ALL EMS Employees!!! Maybe MORE!!! Inside Job Suspected!!! Cover-up in place, Retaliation expected!!! Source Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: It seems that there are always a bad-apple in every Cleveland County government barrel. It appears that the “bad apples” at Cleveland County’s EMS, as well, as county government as a whole, are at the TOP of the organizations.

The source called me this Sunday afternoon with the news. There has been a Data Breach at EMS and EVERY EMS employee Social Security Number is known to be compromised. (No word about other County agencies, although it seems likely. In this day and time, just a few items of key personal information, such as your name. Birthday and Social Security Number allows you to take control of a person’s driver’s license as well as compromise every bit of a person’s financial assets. Credit Cards and such. A crook can set up accounts with your information and transfer you’re your checking and savings into their accounts and then cash out everything you have. They can set up accounts using your information and have Amazon send them anything YOUR credit cards can pay for. This is a mess for every EMS Employee and who knows who else.

And, all this is on top of all the other problems at CCEMS. And has been covered-up and retaliated against anybody that talks-all the way up to the Cleveland County Commissioners. Who have enabled it all.

First, the Commissioners, already in the face of A Federal Lawsuit for sexual harassment against them, the Commissioners allowed another known sexual harasser to be hired as the Director of the EMS upon the retirement of longtime EMS Director-Joe Lord. Then, when the problems at EMS start coming out, the Commissioners fall back to their old ways of doing things. They lie and cover-up. Then never admit to anything, never make any changes, never punish a perpetrator. They retaliate against anybody that speaks out. The call me “crazy” and “a liar” when I get wind of the problem and report it. They try to just go “SILENT” and hope it goes away before Election Day.

And, now that the 2020 Republican Primary Election Day is close upon us, Commissioner’s Johnny Hutchins and Ronnie Whetstine show up at the February 13, 2020 Commissioner’s forums with their “cheat sheets” provided by County employees on county time and on County letterhead stationery. “Cheat Sheets” obviously prepared to answer the so-called “secret questions” that the commissioners have somehow gotten ahold in advance of the forum. (Please Note that I have submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request for those “Cheat Sheets” and the source of the advance questions. I have not, and do not expect a truthful response from the Commissioners about this. As that is their MO.)

Well, Commissioners, ELECTION DAY is UPON us and I have a solution for the people, EMS employees, taxpayers and all who are used and abused by our present Board of Cleveland County Commissioners. It is shown below. A Sample Ballot showing a recipe for change on the Commissioner Board. I recommend you voters copy this off and take it with you to the Ballot
Box on Election Day as a guide to filling out your “real” ballot for Commissioners. School Board too.

Voting Guide!!!
2020 Primary Elections for Cleveland County
County Commissioners and Cleveland County Board of Education
Note: These are Republican Primary Elections as
There are No Democrat Primary Elections for these offices!!!

2020 Primary Elections–Voting Guide
County Commissioners
2020 Republican Primary Elections for County Commissioner
Sample Ballot

Note: You can print off this page and take it to the Voting booth with you.
Nobody has the authority to take this voting guide away from you. Inside the polling place or outside.
You also have my permission to copy this page and pass the copies around as voting guides for your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Thank you for voting.

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