Crooked Commissioners Giving Away Money!!!  Again!!   Smoke Screen for What???-American Legion World Series, Inc.!!!??   Many State Laws Broken!!!   Report and analysis by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Star reported today that Cleveland County is giving $50,000 to the United Way to (supposedly) help people during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. That is about 50 cents per person. Which is all well and good. But State Law says Commissioners must conduct public business in Public Meetings. State law says all public meeting must be announced to the public and the public has the right to attend and participate in those public meetings. State law says the Commissioners have to vote in public meetings for anything and everything that they do. Except for certain items that allow closed session. And giving money to the public is not one of those certain items. The Commissioners just broke a fist-full of State Laws. Lawbreakers are criminals, crooks, last time I looked it up in Black’s Law dictionary.

Mow, I am not totally against government agencies giving away a certain amount of taxpayer money to those that need some help. Social Services does that with food stamps, housing, etc. Even though Foodstamps are the preferred currency of the drug dealers. Who can double and triple their profit with Foodstamps instead of cash. But that is a story for another day.

Commissioners giving away any amount of public money, taxpayer dollars without going through the proper process without the proper approval and the proper accounting, even in small amounts, is a problem. Too many times somebody, and often everybody, has their hands in the Cookie Jar. It’s just bad practice. Period. And we already know that Cleveland County government is full of waste. Waste being not getting the full amount in value for what is spent. But waste in one hand is additional profit for those that don’t provide the proper value for what they are paid.

Now, let’s get to the point.

Most of the United States, including Cleveland County is under a “Stay at Home” order. Many jobs have been lost, hopefully only temporary. Social Distancing is the norm everywhere. All because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. And all these temporary actions are being extended again and again. For instance, the 2020 Olympics are being delayed until July 2021. The ACC Tournament was cancelled. Baseball is cancelled. Football is cancelled. The National Democrat Convention is being delayed until August. Schools are closed until at least May 15-likely the remainder of this school year. This is going on everywhere in the USA and around the World.

So, what about the American Legion World Series Ball Games in Shelby??

The Shelby ALWS has always lost around $1 million dollars every year. The only thing that keeps them afloat is Taxpayer Dollars that are secretly funneled to Eddi “Massa Eddie” Holbrook every year since the whole thing began. But this year the ALWS games will likely be unattended because, if the COVID-19 coronavirus doesn’t keep the people away, all those teams and the people from around the country will be financially strapped and recovering, just like people from Cleveland County.

Now, if the Cleveland County Commissioners really want to help the people of Cleveland County, they should start by STOPPING all funding for the already failed 2020 ALWS and spend THAT money on the financially stressed people of Cleveland County. They say “charity begins at home.” Then, let’s help those in need in Cleveland County first and foremost. And take a second look at all the financially failing projects that taxpayer’s dollars are being spent on. Starting with the ALWS and their $1 Million per year losses.

And, If the Commissioners are trying to buy their way back into office in the 2020 Elections or even if this ais just a publicity stunt, incumbents Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins are already re-elected as the foolish Republican Party and the TEA Party refused to make a political change on the Commissioner Board. And were assisted by the Democrats running only one candidate that cannot win in an opposed Cleveland County Election.

But folks, stay tuned. The Cleveland County Commissioners, under the direction and control by County Manager Brian Epley, will be providing us with much entertainment during the remainder of this election cycle and beyond. Lawsuits and all.

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  1. Robert A Williams
    April 7, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Regarding the ALWS. I told you so!!!

    Robert A. Williams

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