Courthouse Article Draws Complaints-Cleveland County Style!!! –Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

A friend of a friend of a friend called me earlier this week regarding my first article of a series about problems and issues down at the courthouse. The article was titled “Part I: I Smell a Rat Down at the Courthouse!!! Sheriff Sued, DA Won t Prosecute, Judge Won t Hold Court, DSS Won t investigate in Report of Child Molestation!!” and was published August 28, 2017.

An update regarding that article is Sheriff Alan Norman was served with his lawsuit by the Cleveland County Coroner down at the Courthouse. Therefore all the various legal actions Mike Drake has filed in this matter (going back to 2016) has been properly filed and served, yet Mike Drake can’t get allegations of his juvenile daughter’s being “groomed” for sexual molestation by her mother’s paramour properly investigated and those facts and other actions being placed before a judge. Go back and read that article. I named names. gave court case numbers for anybody to check out, and basically provided the facts of the case as I know them.

But that is not the “Cleveland County problem” that I am disclosing with this article. This article is about the call I received regarding the Mike Drake article previously published and noted above. The call I received was a warning that certain people were angry because I wrote an article about Mike Drake at all. Those “certain people” don’t like Mike Drake and therefore don’t believe Mike Drake should have his day in Court at all. My warning call also indicated that those “certain people” are beginning not to like me because they say, falsely, that I am taking up for Mike Drake and that I will lose credibility if I keep on writing articles about problems down at the Courthouse.

“Well,” I told the caller. “Pass the word back to where it came from that if Mike Drake, liked or not, cannot get his day in Court, none of us will be able to get our day in Court” if need be. I went on to say that the First Amendment to the US Constitutions calls for every citizen to be able to “petition the government for the redress of grievances” and other parts of the Constitution say we all have equal rights under the law. Mike Drake’s problem, that I am taking up for, arises when he can’t get his rightfully filed legal actions before the courts. This is still America is it not?

I told the caller some other things too. I told the caller, “Shame on those ‘certain people’ who want their rights to stay in place but don’t care if the rights of others are taken away by corruption in the legal system in Cleveland County.” I said that I had showed “My credibility” by listing the court case numbers and all the names involved in the legal actions, except for the under-aged girl. “Where is the credibility of these “certain people” who question MY credibility with their whispered lies?” I suspect not one person has gone down to the Courthouse, looked at the documents and found anything that I printed was incorrect.

So, folks! Read the facts that I publish or read the failed Shelby Star and listen to the whispered lies that are being told. My suspicion in this case is the whispered lies are coming out of the Courthouse and the DSS. Stay tuned and I will update this case involving Mike Drake and his family as any changes occur. Also, if you run across DA Mike Miller, Sheriff Alan Norman and any of the Cleveland County Judges, ask them when Mike Drake will get his day in Court???

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