County Issues “Media Release” Regarding Reports of Killing Cats!!! No Verification Provided–No Mention of Scandal at Landfill, Shooting Range and Animal Control. No Response to Freedom Of Information Requests !!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Well, Well, Well !!! The Commissioners have finally responded to something. They have issued a “Media Release” that I have included at the end of this article. Please read this “Media Release” and show me where there is verification for anything that they have stated. I have nothing to hide (except I do not identify my sources as they are rightfully afraid of retaliation). but they sure do.

I have filed numerous Freedom of Information Act and NC Public Records law requests for information and documents that they have illegally refused to provide. The latest being the financial records related to how much ammunition Cleveland County has purchased. I am asking now for the official report the County has to file with the state regarding what materials go into the landfill. That report is due June 30, 2017. If you scroll back you will see last year’s report that identified 2,223.4 TONS of dead Dogs, Cats, Fowl, Deer Parts, Cattle Carcasses and Sludges that went into the landfill. As I stated in that article, only one ton of dead cats is a lot of cats.

Why were the Commissioners so fast with their Media Release and so slow with verifiable facts? Why did the Commissioners quote the Health Department Director and the shooting range Rangemaster instead of getting a statement from the disgraced Landfill Director and Shooting Range Director who is on paid administrative leave for certain unrelated misdeeds? But misdeeds none the less. Why won’t the Commissioners respond to my requests regarding Commissioner Johnny Hutchins and others taking a tax-paid weeklong trip to a gun show in Las Vegas? I specifically asked for the justification form that county policy requires for reimbursement and payment for all travel paid for by the county. That was in October 2016 and after numerous written and verbal reminders there has yet been no response from the commissioners. Same response (nothing) regarding the Washington, DC Trip where all the Commissioners, wives and others traveled on taxpayer money.

Hey, the list goes on and on.

But, I am glad the Commissioners have broken the ice and finally responded to something-right or wrong. Ask your Commissioners, like I have, to tell the truth and to follow the law and their own policies. When they do that, we will all be better off.

As far as the Commissioner’s “Media Release” that I have attached below. I calculate this article will distribute their so-called Media Release to more readers that their other media will distribute all put together.

One last thing, Every article I publish that involves the County Commissioners (and other) is provided to the Commissioners in advance and their comments are requested. They have as yet provided any comments.

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