County hires outside group to recruit new DSS Director!!! Numerous concerns, fibs, lies and damn lies in Recruiting Documents!! Public challenged to spot and count those concerns, fibs, lies and damn lies. Report and challenge by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Recently I have been told that some of my articles are too negative for the dear hearts and gentle people in Cleveland County. My reply, as always is, “The truth often hurts, especially those that I am telling the truth on.” But I have come to the conclusion that I often do too much digging and explaining for those who are reluctant to figure things out for their Themselves.

Therefore, I am supplying the brand new DSS director’s recruiting document with this article and asking readers to note their own findings of concerns, fibs, lies and damn lies. Then, after a few days I will report on the ones that I found.

Hint: I found 19 incidents that I consider concerns, fibs, lies and damn lies. See if you can find them for yourselves.

Another Hint: The documents say Cleveland County hosts a “robust business economy.” I call that a damn lie. Another finding of mine regards statements that Cleveland County is the “gateway” between Charlotte and Asheville.” Right now, that is a fib and will remain a fib until the 74 Bypass is complete in 2030. Nobody travelling from Charlotte to Asheville on 74 right now would ever call Shelby a “gateway.”

Read the documents, mark them up and let’s talk about this on another day.

Note: Also, My prediction is the county will spend big bucks on this outside recruiting firm and then hire somebody crooked from within. Someone who knows where the skeletons are and the best ways to keep them covered up. Just like the school board did with their so-called “superintendent search” a few years ago.

Click here to view documentation.

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