County Commissioners to Police Facebook, ALL Social Media!!! All County Employees, on the clock or off, Subject to being FIRED!!! AND Criminal Prosecution!!! Public Service Report provided by Robert A. Williams. Plus, some arguendo.

Editor’s Note:
This is a WARNING!!! The Cleveland County Commissioners Meeting scheduled for tomorrow Night, February 4, 2020, has a surprise for all County Employees who post on Facebook or any other social media. The Commissioners, the County Manager, the Assistant County Manager and Human Resources will be watching YOU!! Day and night, rain or shine. And if YOU post anything that offends them, say things that are personal, political or anything else to me or anybody else that the Commissioners don’t like-YOU can be subject to disciplinary action. Up to and including TERMINATION!!! AND Criminal Prosecution!!! But, don’t believe me. The Policy is attached at the bottom of this article. I read every word and so should YOU!!!

Folks, be sure to read the whole policy. All eight pages. Then go back and RE-READ it again!!! If you think you have the right to FREE SPEECH, the Commissioner’s intend to take that right away from you.

But I expect that the County Websites and the Political Facebook pages of Commissioner Candidates Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins will continue unaffected by the same rules that apply to YOU!!!

Also, make sure you don’t post anything embarrassing to Whetstine or Hutchins that I might see or that others might see and refer them to me. If you have anything that you feel I might need to know, send them to me by anonymous US Mail, by telephone or your personal email. I will certainly keep your identity confidential from the county’s new Facebook Police and everybody else.

That is all I am going to say about this new Social Media Policy. I want YOU to read the policy and decide for yourself if Ronnie Whetstine or Johnny Hutchins deserves your vote in the upcoming Republic Primary. Stay Tuned and I will make some well thought out recommendations that might help you in deciding who you might want to vote for. Actually, that would be anybody else besides Whetstine and Hutchins. Robbie Morgan, Tommy Mc Neilly and Dennis Davis are the obvious choices.

Cleveland County Social Media Policy -Feb, 4, 2020

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