Construction Already Underway for “Tiny Home Community!!” Off Kings Road-East Main Street in Shelby–For Homeless Veterans!!! Zoning Change Request to be withdrawn—Not needed!! Everything is a done deal thanks to the Shelby City Council and Mayor!! Report of facts (and satire) by Robert A. Williams

The Valor Village-Shelby Project, a 70+ unit housing project utilizing 160 Square Foot individual prefabricated modules to house homeless veterans has already started. Clearing the property has begun. Bringing in a Construction Support “Garage” has already happened. The Zoning Change Request, “Conditional-Use Permit” hearing tentatively set for March 15th 2021 at the Don Gibson, according to sources, is being withdrawn because it is NOT NEEDED\ according to a close legal review of the City of Shelby Zoning Ordinances adopted by the Shelby City Council and Mayor. The same Shelby Leadership termed as ineffective by the SWOT Analysis contained in the City of Shelby 10-Year Masterplan. The same Shelby Zoning Ordnances that would allow Mr. Willie Green to build the very same Tiny Home Community on his property on the other end of the Main Street neighborhood that caused the City of Shelby to deny Mr. Green’s plans to build “High-End” Condos at that location.

Is that Karma or what for the adjacent neighborhood and the City of Shelby Officials who pulled so many dirty legal tricks in Mr. Willie Green’s lawsuits against them??? Is it Karma or what for the entire City of Shelby for Mr. Green to consider building a 100+ (maybe 200+) unit Tiny House Project for homeless Veterans on his Earl Road property adjacent to the Thread Trail/Rail Trail multi $Million project that is now NOT going to be used for a Sports Complex thanks to the ineffective leadership by the City of Shelby. A sports facility that would have provided a facility for Shelby and Cleveland County youths to train in individual and team sports instead of committing crimes throughout Shelby.

But, for the Homeless Veterans that have risked their lives and bodies defending the US Constitution and all Americans, this “Tiny Hove Community” concept is a wonderful thing. The Veterans Administration as well as the American Legion, Disabled Veterans, etc. should applaud the Valor-Village folks as well as Mr. Willie Green for providing this wonderful opportunity for homeless Veterans across North Carolina as well as the Nation to have a safe, comfortable and private residence at an unfortunate period of time in their lives. Especially the Earl Road Property of Mr. Green, which is so convenient, and easily accessible by bicycle to uptown Shelby and other locations along the way by the Thread and Rail Trails. With a Cleveland County address, these previously homeless Veterans can go to the Earl Scruggs Center for free on Wednesdays. The Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The Livermush Festival, the Alive After Five concert events, the Arts Council, sidewalk dining right downtown, the American Legion World Series and the Seventh Inning Stretch-both paid for by the Cleveland County Commissioners and so much more.

Wonderful news all around!! Right? We also encourage the voters in Shelby to go ahead and attend the March 15, 2021 City Council meeting and properly thank your city council for NOT being as ineffective as their 10-Year Master Plan says they are!!! I am sure YOU will be glad that you did. Also, remember that 2021 is an Election for Violet Arth Dukes, Rev Charles Webber and Eric Hendrick. I am sure they would appreciate your vote on Election Day 2021. Their records of lawsuits and now the Tiny House Community for Homeless Veterans deserves YOUR attention and support for the best candidates.

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