Concerned Parents Request Answers from the School Board!!! Regarding $3 Million Lawsuit against Sheriff!! School Board Meeting January 13, 2020 Report shared by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Unlike the School Board, Commissioners and Community College Board of Trustees, I am “transparent.” share my information and correspondence with the Citizens of Cleveland County. Therefore, I am providing YOU with a series of emails I received from a “Concerned Parent” as well as what I sent to the School Board Members, Commissioners and others. I dare and challenge the School Board, Commissioners and CCC to do the same thing.

The following is an Email to the School Board from a Concerned Parents to the School Board that I was copied on.

—–Original Message—– From: Concerned Parents
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2020 8:48 AM

Subject: agenda for board meeting

Dear Board Members,

At the January 13th Board meeting, please discuss reasons behind your recent $3,000,000 lawsuit. This action apparently took considerable planning and energy. The people who elected you deserve to know the details and only you have them. It is reasonable to offer an explanation and take questions.

Thank you,

Concerned Parents and Citizens 2020
Clyde Edgerton

Since School Board Member Danny Blanton has, on numerous occasions, informed me that he was NOT receiving mail from his CCS account to also send him a message to his personal email account, which I have made a practice to do.

I forwarded this Message to Danny Blanton at his personal Account and copied the school board, Superintendent Fisher, Commissioners, Sheriff Alan Norman and others. Nobody is going to truthfully accuse me of trying to cover-up corruption or anything else.

This is the message I forwarded to Danny Blanton and copied the Sheriff and others:


I have forwarded this to your personal account just in case your CCS account still doesn’t work.

“Concerned Parents” want to know what is going on at CCS and so do I. As well as all of Cleveland County.

Robert A. Williams

Hopefully, All of Cleveland County will be at the January 13, 2020 School Board meeting to see what shenanigans the School Board was up to when they filed such an outrageously costly and frivolous lawsuit against the Sheriff of Cleveland County, Alan Norman, for just doing his job properly.

Us voters should get rid of all the incumbent school board members running for re-election for doing their jobs Improperly!!!

Personally, I want to know who, on the school board, knew about the lawsuit before it was filed and who didn’t. And why Superintendent Stephen Fisher, who “verified and signed” this stupid lawsuit in the name of ALL the school board members, is still employed at Cleveland County Schools.

Stay tuned for that!!!

Also, know that there is no mention of the lawsuit on the present agenda for the January 13th School Board meeting. Please ALL the School Board members a message, just like “Concerned Citizen” did. Let the nit-wits on the school board that we ain’t taking tis kind of mess NO MORE. is the email address for ALL the school board members.

Or call the School Board Secretary, Dr. Stephen Fisher, at 704-476-8000 for the Switchboard. Ask for Extension 8055 for Dr. Fisher. If you cannot get through to Dr. Fisher himself, learn your lesson. Vote Against All incumbent school Board members and FOR those members that will require THEIR Superintendent to answer the phone when a Concerned Parent or any Citizen and taxpayer calls CCS. We will ALL be better off if YOU do just that.

1 comment for “Concerned Parents Request Answers from the School Board!!! Regarding $3 Million Lawsuit against Sheriff!! School Board Meeting January 13, 2020 Report shared by Robert A. Williams

  1. Bill Balmer
    January 12, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Thank you Robert. HOW is this crook still STEALING our tax money ever payday????? He has conned so many in CC im worried nothing will change. If “”the four” had gotten in Fisher would have been terminted long long ago. WAKE UP CLEVELAND COUNTY. He has runied so many lives….. please get rid of this tyrant .

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