Commissioners Surrender to the Taliban!!! Cleveland County Style—Trump Haters amongst Republicans!!! A plan for recovery—Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat!!! Taking Control of the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees!!! Report, opinions and Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

If you are one of the 150+ millions of Americans that are pretty well PO’d at how our so-called Commander-in Chief Surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan while he was snoozing the weekend away at Camp David, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

At last week’s County Commissioner meeting the Commissioners completely and stupidly surrendered to the Cleveland County version of the Taliban without firing a shot. Rogue Trump-Hating Republican RINOs masquerading as Republican Leaders here in Cleveland County. Wes “Loser” Westmoreland, Dennis “Beetle” Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen, State Senator Ted “Milque-Toast” Alexander and Robert “Luke” Queen. And others too, whose identities will soon be known.

Let me recap this story from the start until NOW!!! Which is not necessarily the finish!!!

As the law stands now, the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee consists of eight voting members appointed by the Cleveland County Commissioners and four voting members appointed by the North Carolina General Assembly., for a total of twelve voting members. One non-voting member is added and chosen by the College Students themselves. Twelve is the magic number and the Commissioners have a 2-1 advantage. Thus, making the all Republican Commissioner’s Board appointments a two-thirds majority. A wild band of “village idiots” for Commissioners should be able to handle that kind of margin without any great skill in anything. Except maybe “staying awake” at the wheel. Alas, they were all asleep at the wheel!!!

Three Cleveland Community College Board of Trustee members terms expired June 30, 2021. Alan Langley, Luke Queen (Commissioner Appointments) and Betty Carrigan (a Governor’s Appointment when she was appointed, but now an appointment by the General Assembly). In 2021, Cleveland County has three elected members of the General Assembly. Speaker of the House Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings in the NC House and Ted “Milque-Toast” Alexander in the NC Senate. All Republicans. Again, a wild band of “village idiots” in this Cleveland County contingent in the NC General Assembly should have been able to handle this one appointment without any great amount of skill in anything. Except maybe “staying awake” at the wheel. Alas. They were all also asleep at the wheel.!!!

At their last meeting in June of 2021, the Commissioners reappointed Alan Langley to the CCC BoT, but did NOT reappoint Luke Queen.

For the Commissioners to NOT reappoint Luke Queen made a big statement. Luke, by mid-June .2021 on the School Board, had shown his true colors to everybody many times over. Instead of being “Transparent” as he had promised, he wanted everything kept secret. He violated laws and told tons upon tons of lies. Luke also showed his “ass” to the Commissioners in ways that they still won’t talk about. The Commissioners did the right thing by getting rid of Robert “Luke” Queen on the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees.

The Commissioners also notified Luke that they were NOT going to reappoint him to the CCC BOT. Luke, in turn, to cover his being “fired” by the commissioners, drafted a letter on June 15th, 2021 and backdated it to June 1, 2021 stating that he was overloaded with both the School Board duties as well as the Community College BOT and formally requested the Commissioners NOT to reappoint him to the CCC Board of Trustees. I have a copy of that letter and have previously published it. I am again publishing that signed and backdated letter with this article for YOUR convenience. Proof for any unbelievers.

But, all this Commissioner “stuff” pissed-off Luke’s buddies on the CCC BoTs and some Trump-Hating Rogue Republicans too (Wes “Loser” Westmoreland, Dennis Beetle” Bailey, Kevin Whisnant and David Allen). This “setback” to their Taliban agenda caused them to pull some “Taliban” style dirty tricks on the Commissioners. Assisted by Speaker of the House Tim Moore, Rep. Kelly Hastings, NC Senator Ted “Milque Toast” Alexander and certainly the overpaid Cleveland County Manager Brian Epley and his county staff. They enlisted NC Senator Ted “Milque-Toast” Alexander to NOT reappoint philanthropist Betty Carrigan back onto the CCC BoT, but to appoint Luke Queen in her place. In total disregard to what the Commissioners wanted to happen. Rid themselves of Luke Queen as much as possible until the next School Board Election.

At this point I have to include the fact that the Commissioners had and still have the full authority to pull the plug on the Taliban “Treason” over at the Cleveland community College. Scroll on back a few articles and read for yourself. It is a bold move for bold leadership-something the Cleveland County Commissioners are totally lacking in. And more.

The “front” story (Lies) told by the Taliban stooge Senator Ted” Milque-Toast” Alexander, told directly to me on the old historic Courthouse grounds was that “Robert Queen has always appeared to me to be a capable leader.” “Oh yeah, “was that that the reason the Commissioners got rid of him” I stated too soon to be Mister Milque-Toast Alexander after the 2022 Elections.

The real story is this. The Commissioners made a mistake when they appointed “John Doe” to the CCC BoT instead of Luke Queen, I say “John Doe” because I am sure he doesn’t want his name associated with the Commissioner FUBAR that I am about to disclose. The FUBAR was John Doe had previously been an employee at the Cleveland Community College and State Law says that any former employee of CCC has to be out of CCC for 5 years before he or she is eligible for appointment to the CCC Board of Trustees. Don’t ask me WHY such a State Law as this exists. Ask Speaker of the House Tim Moore, Rep Kelly Hastings and Senator Milque-Toast Alexander that question,

But it took me no more than 90 seconds to confirm that State Law as a 100% fact. Meaning the Commissioner’s over-paid County Manager Brian Epley and his staff did NOT properly “vet” John Doe before the Commissioners illegally appointed Mr. Doe to replace Luke Queen at the June 15, 2021 Commissioner’s meeting.

That state law was specific and SO easy for me to find and confirm, that any reasonable person would have to rightly believe that the “oversight” by Epley et, al. HAD to be deliberate

And, since that State law is so easy to find, I am adding the pertinent parts (Underlined) right here for your convenience. Look up NC General Statute 115D-12 if you want to see it all.

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