Commissioner’s Race to be Turning Point for County Elections!! Democrats to Exert Race, gender and the Gay Pride Agenda to turn out Voters??? Or keep them at Home?? Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The 2018 Cleveland County Commissioner’s elections offer a chance to install a new majority in the Commissioners offices, install one (maybe two) black candidates for the first time in years, put an alleged lesbian on the Board or return all the white male incumbents. As over 52,000 registered voters stayed at home in the 2017 School Board Elections what happens this year is anybody’s guess.

Here is what we know for a fact:
1. Incumbent Eddie Holbrook (Democrat-white male) is running for re-election to a four year term.
2. Incumbent Doug Bridges (Republican-white male), appointed to fill the vacancy created by the (most likely forced) resignation of former commissioner Jason Falls, is running for a four year term. Bridges was selected by 14 members of the Republican Party Executive Board to fill that vacancy. Falls term would have expired this year so Bridges is eligible to run for an open four year term. Doug Bridges ran for the Commissioner’s office in 2016 and was very narrowly defeated by the incumbents.
3. Incumbent Ronnie Whetstine (Republican-white male) was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the death of former Commissioner Ronnie Hawkins only eight days into a four year term which expires in 2020. North Carolina law requires appointed commissioners in such a situation as this to stand for election at the next general election for commissioners. Therefore Whetstine has to stand for election this year for the remaining two years of his term in office. This will be Commissioner Ronnie Whetstine’s first official run for political office.
4. Challenger Lucretia “Caroline” Dedmon (Democrat-white female) has filed to run against Commissioner Ronnie Whetstine for the remaining two years of the Commissioner Ronnie Hawkins term.
5. Challenger Todd McIntosh (Democrat-black male) has also filed to run against Commissioner Ronnie Whetstine for the remaining two years of the Commissioner Ronnie Hawkins term.

Note that the two Democrat challengers (and any other Democrat challenger) to Republican Ronnie Whetstine’s run for the remaining two years of Ronnie Hawkins term will require a Democrat Primary Election. If another Republican files to run against Whetstine before the end of filing, a Republican Primary Election would also be required.

6. Challenger Christopher Gash (Democrat-black male) has filed to run for one of the two open four year terms for Commissioner.

Note that filing for the Commissioner’s Offices ends February 28, 2018 at noon-sharp. More candidates are encouraged to run for these Commissioner’s offices. The old saying that “evil prevails if good men (or women) do nothing” is especially true in recent election history. Just like the 52,000 voters that stayed home in the 2017 School Board elections allowed those that did vote to put a sexual predator on the school board. Read on for what might happen in these 2018 elections for three Cleveland County Commissioners.

Since the filing period for Commissioners is still open and the positions on issues are not known for those challenging candidates that have already filed, the positions on issues will be presented in later articles.

Criminal Records down at the Courthouse have been checked for the six candidates noted above.
Of those records the following was found:

Eddie Holbrook, Ronnie Whetstine and Todd McIntosh–No criminal records found.

Doug Bridges-seat belt traffic violation

Chris Gash-Speeding 83 in 55 zone in Rowan County in 2012. Reduced to 64 in 55 zone.

Caroline Dedmon- DWI-Level 5 in Cleveland County in 1998-Guilty
Failing to stop for stop light/red flashing light-Dismissed by DA
Expired Registration in 1987-Dismissed by DA

North Carolina DWI Levels:
Level 5 (lowest level)

  • Immediate license suspension for 30 days, with the possibility of limited driving privileges after 10 days.
  • Up to a $200 fine.
  • Between 24 hours and 60 days in jail. (Your judge might suspend your sentence to 24 hours of imprisonment or 24 hours of community service as part of probation.)
  • Substance abuse assessment, if you’re placed on probation.

It has also come to my attention through reliable sources that two year term Commissioner Candidate Ronnie Whetstine’s Democrat challenger Caroline Dedmon is allegedly an openly gay practicing lesbian from a large and extended Democrat political family with a good name in the community as well as having a large collection of colleagues in the Yoga, Community Theater and Facebook arena. Also noting that the 2017 School Board Elections with 52,000 voters absent shows fatal flaws in the Republican and Unaffiliated voter turnout that equates to an “I don’t give a damn” attitude. Which is not a good thing for Republican candidates. The Violet Arth Democrat blowout defeat of incumbent conservative Republican Shelby City Council member Dennis Bailey in the 2017 elections again shows Republican “apathy” that some (including myself) would call stupidity. All the while, in the 2017 Elections, Democrats, led by certain black Democrat Preachers and the NAACP turned out in droves to defeat the Republican “team” running for the School Board as well as Councilman Dennis Bailey.

So, if you take the 2017 Election as an example; throw in the Democrat women voters, white and black, the Democrat men voters, white and black, then throw in the LGBT crowd of inspired Democrat voters, black and white, men, women and gender confused to the mix of white Republican and Unaffiliated voters who don’t care enough to vote in the first place: there is no telling who will get elected to the Commissioners offices in the 2018 Elections. No matter what the pressing political issues are in Cleveland County.

Of course there are just a few days left to file to run for County Commissioner, so there is still a slight chance some hero or two might show up to save Cleveland County’s political process of electing good candidates for public office. But that process has already been dying out over a number of recent election cycles, possibly never to return. Who needs the alleged Russian interference, collusion and meddling to destroy Cleveland County’s and America’s election processes when we have destroyed it all by ourselves???

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  1. Judy
    February 28, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Could you post on the newly designed website how to email Citizens for Good Government. There was a link on the old page – but can
    no longer locate it.

    Thanks for your hard work.

    • admin
      February 28, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Fixed! See Statement of Intent.

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