Commissioners Give $400,000 in tax dollars to Eddie Holbrook for the 2019 American Legion World Series!!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

First, a confession. Since I broke the story of all the secret $millions of dollars the Cleveland County Commissioners secretly funneled to the ALWS and Eddie Holbrook’s ALWS Baseball, Inc; including the million-dollar check defrauded from the sale of the Hospital, I have remained quiet. Waiting to see if the Commissioners had learned their lesson on whether or not they would continue giving large amounts of tax dollars to Holbrook’s pet projects.

Well, the Commissioners failed the test. They took the bait and fell right into my trap. They have “budgeted” (stolen, I would say) another $400,000 for the Holbrook syndicate. Just as secret as before. And threatened retaliation for anybody that tells the tale.

Of course, I don’t care about their retaliation and slander–saying that all I report is “gossip.” Some Cleveland County nitwits even believed that the Million dollar check I obtained, and published, was gossip and fake news. I don’t care very much about what “they” think or say either.

What I do care about is that concerned voters inform themselves and turn out in the 2020 Commissioner’s Elections and get rid of Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins. Also, the five school board members up for re-election should be gotten rid of too.

At commissioner’s meetings, none of this was mentioned in the County Manager’s Presentation to the Commissioners. Or at the Public Hearing. So, the Commissioners might think that they can just lie out of this by saying they didn’t know anything about it. I don’t buy such an excuse. If $millions can slip through their budgets, year after year, and they don’t know anything about it? Well, we just need to throw them all out and get somebody that will hold the County Manager and his secret budgets accountable to the people and taxpayers of Cleveland County..

As for the ALWS Baseball games and the 7th inning Stretch; folks get yourself ready and go. You might as well. YOU have already paid for it.

More later.

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Title IX 2017

And the girls are left out yet again!!! Stupid is as stupid does!!