Clyde Ledbetter-Candidate for Sheriff-Responds, in Part, to Sheriff Alan Norman’s Negative and misleading ad hosted for free by WBTV-3 TV News!!! Hosted by Robert A. Williams as part of our Online Candidates Debate initiative

Editor’s Note: This situation started almost three years ago when Sara Ledbetter, a Ninth Grade Science teacher at Crest High School allegedly began having inappropriate relationships with students. And taking lots of naked selfies of herself on her cell phone. Something the foolish Cleveland County DA and judges would later term as “a woman’s private text messages that included personal pictures.”

As I have previously written, I became interested in this case over two years ago when the School Board allegedly forced Sara Ledbetter to resign so they would not have to take disciplinary action, which allowed Sara Ledbetter to keep her teaching license and continue her alleged bad behavior at other schools in South Carolina and North Carolina.

The bottom line in this case is that CCS, the Sheriff’s Office, The DA’s Office and Cleveland County Judges, in a major conspiracy to cover-up the inappropriate and criminal acts by Sara Ledbetter by destroying the constitutional rights of the Clyde Ledbetter family to shut them up. And to maintain a situation that continued to put children at risk in Cleveland County, South Carolina and Gaston County to this very day.

Also, a question for the parents of school age children. Do you consider it appropriate for a school teacher who is caught with literally hundreds of naked pictures of herself on her cell phone to continue to teach children in North Carolina?

Then, Sheriff Alan Norman comes up with this, all the time knowing better.

WBTV article here.

Also note that the information provided below by Clyde Ledbetter is incomplete in regard to the totality of the bad things and the miscarriages of justice that have befallen the Ledbetter family. Perhaps Mr. Ledbetter is still under family pressure to put this bad experience behind them. As I have independently reviewed all the court documents myself, obtained the so called private naked pictures from court records-public records, I am not obligated to leave anything truthful out. And I won’t. But, for this article, I am providing Clyde Ledbetter’s own words in response to the negative and misleading material put out by Sheriff Alan Norman. A totally regrettable and unnecessary situation.

Shame on you Sheriff Alan Norman, Danny Blanton, CCS, the DA, Judge Dean Black, Judge Ali Paksoy and all you others involved in the Cleveland County INJUSTICE done in this case. All of you should resign from public service. Shame on you Eddie Holbrook sycophants too. I know who you are. The truth will catch up to you soon enough.

Folks, When you are reading the material below, remember that:

The plaintiff is Sara Ledbetter.
The defendant is Bryan Ledbetter, Clyde’s son.
The father is Clyde Ledbetter.
The mother is Janet Ledbetter, Clyde’s wife

Please read the following information carefully as you will be disappointed in CCS, the School Board, The Sheriff’s Office. The DA’s Office, judges and the Cleveland County Justice system. I was flabbergasted that all these so-called Public Safety and child advocates would abandon the safety of children in favor of covering up for a school teacher pervert. I have the pictures from court documents that show the pervert in action. The same pictures all these other nitwits had access to.

All of those involved have the opportunity to provide their side of this story. That is more than you offered the Clyde Ledbetter family. Especially Bryan Ledbetter.

Provided by Clyde Ledbetter

On March 27, 2015 an incident occurred in Cleveland County which eventually sent the Cleveland County Justice system into action. On March 30, 2015 a report came into the Cleveland County justice system about that incident. The citizen’s arrest procedures were followed and the Sheriff’s Department immediately launched an investigation. The court ordered that cell phones be confiscated and dumped. Witnesses were called in and three felony arrest warrants were issued based on witness testimony. The DA and the Sheriff had the case handled in a matter of hours.

A problem began to develop when the cell phone information was returned to the justice system and subsequently delivered to the lawyers. The information delivered to the lawyers from the defendant’s cell phone showed a complete recording of the cell phone history. The information from the plaintiff’s cell phone delivered to the lawyers showed a recording of only the last five or six days that the cell phone was used. The court had ordered that both cell phones be dumped and discovery required that the information be delivered to the lawyers.

Not only was the plaintiff’s cell phone history severely limited, what was delivered to the lawyers had numerous missing text entries. After receiving the discovery package the defendant in the case did his own investigation. He found some things that seem to be inappropriate. The defendant had already seen the cell phone history in its entirety a few weeks earlier. The cell phone was the reason that he had been charged with three felonies. The defendant’s career, custody of his children, his retirement, his honor, and life as he knew it was hanging on information that he had seen in that cell phone. What he saw in his discovery package was only a minor fraction of what he had seen earlier. Without that information, he felt that he had no proof of his claims.

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