Clueless District Attorney’s Office cutting Plea-Bargain Deals in Murder, Attempted Murder and other serious cases while Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings are trying to increase penalties for criminals who attack Police Officers!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: First of all, I will say that I have been a larceny victim where the Sheriff’s Department caught the druggie offender. I went to court time after time after time after time. Finally, the case was tried and the offender’s court appointed attorney plead him guilty. The Judge ordered probation and also ordered the offender pay me restitution. The offender went through his probation and paid his probation fees; but, after several years now, the offender is off probation and never paid me one red cent restitution. All the while committing more crimes and getting more probation. That, plus numerous other court cases I have witnessed as a “Court Watcher” has caused me to NOT be a fan of the Cleveland County Law Enforcement/Justice (No-Justice) system, especially the District Attorney’s Office. I have a string of articles coming up soon that will be in more detail. Like the DA’s rape of the Clyde Ledbetter Family, the thorough violation of Mindy Morrow to cover up sex scandals at CCS, etc.

Now the Shelby Star has run several articles about the DA’s Office offering plea-bargain deals to a man (Alex Owens) charged with murdering his wife in 2006. A man (Dakota Greene) charged with attempted FIRST-DEGREE murder and possession of a firearm by a FELON for shooting a Cleveland County Deputy (Tim Sims) in the face and thigh. Plus, mention of murder of Shelby Officer Tim Brackeen’s alleged killer and his accomplice. What do all these cases have in common. The person charged with the heinous crimes have each been in jail for a year or more without trial.

On top of that, on the same front page of the Star (Feb 28, 2019) is an article titled Reps push for tougher penalties in officer attacks. With pictures of Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings.

Hey am I missing something or not? The DA is cutting deals to reduce penalties at the exact same time as Tim Moore and Kelly Hastings are pushing for toughen penalties. (Also remember previous statements by Sheriff Alan Norman about the “revolving door” at the courthouse.” From the pieces of the story I have mentioned in this article, it appears the Sheriff and other Law Enforcement agencies catch the crooks (some of them anyway) and throws them in jail awaiting trial. The DA’s Office pussy-foots around and then cuts them deals to let them out early. Usually on probation so they pay probation “fees” into the system. And victims get buried or get screwed out of any restitution.

Don’t you just have to wonder about this weird situation? An expanding law enforcement and Justice system with nothing that helps the average citizen! Or brings any justice to the victims.

And, on the bottom of that same Feb. 28, 2019 Star front page, there is an article titled Stats show drop in Shelby crime rate. Right below the big picture of Tim Brackeen’s Flag draped coffin with officers saluting. Is that bad taste or what from the Star’s best?

Folks, The Shelby Star apparently asks no questions and offers no explanations. That is on the Shelby Star and their subscribers who pay dearly for paper to line their birdcages. I offer no apologies for the shortcomings in the Shelby Star. All I can say is that I am about to start issuing a series of articles regarding the Justice (Injustice) System in Cleveland County that will surprise you on what actually goes on down at the courthouse.

Stay tuned!!!

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