Cleveland County Schools–Why does everything have to be a lie??? Question by Robert A. Williams

I have googled “Cleveland County Schools” many times, hundreds of times, looking up stuff. I did so again this very evening, at 9:55 PM October 7, 2021. However, I have never clicked on the link to the CCS Facebook page before tonight. I don’t know exactly why I did this very night. but I did. I was almost instantly highly disappointed.

Right there on the Home Page, left side near the top is the following statement.

About us:
Located in the Foothills, Team CCS is a school district in North Carolina with some 14,000 students attending classes in 29 modern facilities.

This one sentence, with even a modicum of observation skills, tells it all about the mindset of Cleveland County Schools. Obviously, a mindset from the high administration, Superintendent, and the School Board Chairman, Robert “Luke” Queen, on down. A mindset that goes beyond deception, propaganda, lies, damn lies and even an accidental slip of the tongue. A mindset that is devious, blatant, on purpose and deceitful to the core. All exhibited by one simple word-modern.

Modern: as in “29 modern facilities.”

Everybody at Cleveland County Schools and most everybody else in Cleveland County with an ounce of sanity knows from first-hand experience that the Cleveland County School district does NOT consist of 29 MODERN facility. All four CCS High Schools are well over 50 years old with no plans for replacement this decade or even the next. And likely the decade after that. Most Middle Schools and Elementary Schools are also over 50 years old. Some older than that. And, the funding to keep these old schools in any sort of a minimal standard of working order is also unplanned and presently of funding sources unknown.

Some might say, this is just a little “white- lie” and who cares? We all should care that our tax dollars, especially after the big new property tax increases have come into effect are so unwisely spent. The issue here is this lie is so unnecessary. The word “modern” could just as easily have been left out; is an example, a very bad example, of the traditional leadership in Cleveland County-made even worse by the likes of Luke Queen. Just a bunch of habitual liars who will look you in the eye and tell you a lie, them knowing that you know that they are bald-faced lying to you. And they think it is YOUR responsibility to act like you believe their lies and act accordingly.

I guess my biggest disappointment is that such as this (and worse,) has been acceptable fare for so many citizens for so long. And not just from the School Board and Luke Queen. The Shelby Star, HUD, the Commissioners, Cleveland Community College, the City of Shelby-City Council, Judges, certain lawyers, etc. And the citizens who don’t pay attention.

The willful deceit that comes so naturally from the so-called leadership of Cleveland County. The lies they tell, even in the most minor of occasions, just means that they will lie to your face about anything. Large or small. And they do-on a regular basis. And that doesn’t even include the lies they are telling when they don’t say anything at all. The secrets they keep from you and me. Which is probably the most deceitful of all the lies they tell-not out loud, but the secret cover-ups. The lawsuits they pay off with taxpayer money but never tell you about. So, why should b we believe them about anything?

In fact, we should NOT believe anything our local government tells us. Our system of government is not BASED on trust, BUT ON CHECKS AND BALANCES. It is downright Patriotic to distrust governmental leadership on its face. Check out the records. (And, when you do, you will find that Luke Queen has taken deceitful steps to falsify the School Boards records too. For instance, pull up the minutes of the most recent meetings under Citizens Participation. There will be a listing of those that spoke, But NOT a WORD about what they spoke of.

Stay tuned for the latest cover-ups at Cleveland County Schools. That I know of any way!!!

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