Cleveland County Republican Feud Doubles-Down in Stupidity!!! Anti-Trump RINO Officials “sic” wives and Commissioners on Federated Republican Women leader!!! Gossip, report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

In my first report about the feud between the Republican Party Chairman Dennis Bailey and the Women Republicans of Cleveland County (WeRCC-pronounced “We Rock”), I called it a feud, then a Civil War. Now I have to say it is an un-Civil War using old-time Cleveland County guerrilla tactics, proxy attacks, lies, disloyalty, cronyism, dirty tricks and all kinds of uncouth behavior with an underlying mix of Planation Politics. All rolled into one. Then I have to say, it’s actually worse than that!!!

This whole thing started when Democrat newcomer Violet Arth Dukes unseated Shelby City Councilman Dennis Bailey, a Republican, back in 2017. Freeing up Republican insider Dennis Bailey to take over as the Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman. Soon, Bailey stirs up the WeRCC women, the people who usually do all the actual work within the Republican Party umbrella to elect Republican Candidates across the Board. And not just the favored few who practice a corrupt brand of cronyism within the Republican Party establishment.

Folks, if you are a bit confused. The Republican Party of Cleveland County and the WeRCC women are all Republicans, but each organization is separate and independent from each other. With independent fundraising. However, in the past the Republican Party guys are too lazy to actually work for their funds. Instead they basically scheme to defraud the WeRCC women of the funds that the women raise by themselves. It is an old and very dirty trick.

So, Dennis Bailey being Dennis Bailey, he demands the WeRCC financial reports with the obvious intention of then demanding their funds. But the new WeRCC President, Marge Hooper, says no and calls on the WeRCC Federation people in Raleigh for back-up. And Marge gets the backup she asked for. The Federated Republican Women headquarters comes down on Dennis Bailey and tells Bailey to leave WeRCC alone. Pretty simple, Right??

Wrong!!! Dennis Bailey and his allies call on Republican Office Holders Commissioner Ronnie Whetstine, NC Senate member Ted Alexander and perhaps others for help in running off WeRCC President Marge Hooper. Dirty tricks start to fly.

Mrs. Ronnie Whetstine, Mrs. Doug Bridges, Mrs. Ted Alexander and some-maybe all, of the Cleveland County Commissioners, among other things, start sniping at WeRCC President Marge Hooper falsely claiming that Hooper started all the feuding with Dennis Bailey when Hooper refused, correctly, to give Bailey WeRCC financial information and documents. Somewhere along the line WeRCC Member and Shelby Mayoral Candidate Tanzy Wallace confronts WeRCC Marge Hooper and demands Hooper sign some kind of documents Wallace caused of just had drawn up. Sources were not able to describe exactly what these papers said, although such actions are totally unprecedented. And there is more.

The WeRCC executive board, under pressure from those noted above, have initiated pressure and intimidation battle tactics against WeRCC President Marge Hooper to, in fact, take away her Office of President authority and responsibilities but leave her in Office as President. A President in name only, with somebody else calling all the shots and making all the decisions. All done in secrecy, where the biggest concern amongst the schemers and scammers in WeRCC and the Cleveland County Republican Party is them trying to keep me from finding out what is going on. And telling on them.

Of course, as you read this article you will certainly recognize that secrecy stuff doesn’t work with me. Sooner or later I find out about the dirt being swept under the rug by the county agencies as well as the WeRCC and Republicans. Democrats too. Commissioners, CCS, CCC, DSS, the Health Department. The Elections of 2019 and 2020 are upon us and I guarantee that I am going to tell the citizens and voters what is going on in Cleveland County elections and politics. If all these clowns would think about it a bit, they would ‘fess up while they can and do right from now on.

But there is more. The alleged Tanzy Wallace documents are troubling. Tanzy is a WeRCC member and one of the few Afro-American women in Cleveland County who is a registered Republican. Will those white men Republicans like Mike Philbeck, Dennis Bailey, Ronnie Whetstine, Doug Bridges, Ted Alexander, and others, who are allegedly anti-Donald J. Trump, support Tanzy Wallace for the Mayor of Shelby??? I remember the last time a Black person ran for the Mayor of Shelby, Andrew Hopper, the battle cry was this question: “Do we want a black face to represent the City of Shelby?” And Andrew lost that election. Although Hopper is back into politics as he is running against Dickie Amaya for the Shelby City Council.

Another troubling thought about all this political turmoil and the Tanzy Wallace candidacy is whether or not Plantation Politics will raise its ugly head in this 2019 Shelby Mayoral Election. If you recall, the 2018 Election for County Commissioners was full of Plantation Politics, especially in the Eddie Holbrook campaign. Holbrook spent $68,000, helped dispose of two qualified Black Men in the Commissioner’s race and still went down in disgrace and defeat in the 2018 General Election.

Now, only one year later, you have to wonder how the Candidacy of the black and female Tanzy Wallace will play out in the Primary and General Elections? Statistics show that the City of Shelby is 53% white and 47% Black and people of color. Black voters turning out in numbers could easily overwhelm Incumbent Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony in the 2019 Shelby Primary Election. Then cruise to victory in the Shelby General Election.

So, why would Tanzy Wallace get herself involved with a crazy Republican insider feud with WeRCC President Marge Hooper? Is there some white “Massa” lurking within the Republicans pulling Tanzy’s strings?? Susan Allen maybe? Susan is up for re-election in 2020 and will likely be defeated, deservedly, unless there is a rabbit pulled out of some hat somewhere. Does Susan think that if she supported Tanzy for Mayor, Tanzy won’t run for Commissioner in 2020. Taking lots of black Democrat votes along with her. Or will some presently secret Write-In candidate for the Mayor of Shelby emerge right before the November election and steal the show from everybody that signed up to run? Somebody with a quiet campaign intended to lull voters into staying home on election day and take the Mayor’s race with just a few voters turning out. It’s an old trick that has often worked.

It is hard to do the Calculus in the 2019 Elections much less the calculus in 2020. But one thing is sure, the Cleveland County Republican men and women feuding and actually going to war against one another is a bad sign that clearly shows the stupidity of the CC Republicans; men and women.

But one thing is certain, as time passes and closer examinations are made, the truth will come out. And I am going to tell it.

Stay Tuned!!!

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  1. bill balmer
    August 6, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    While DJT was getting a deferral for “bone spurs” and getting a million from the old man, Andrew Hopper was fighting on the front lines of Nam ……..protecting FREEDOM. Shelby would be lucky to have this patriot serving in any capacity.

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