Cleveland County Board of Elections Hires 350 People!!! for the 2020 Elections!!! No Voter Fraud will be allowed!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

A few months ago, a member of the Women Republicans of Cleveland County (WeRCC-pronounced We-Rock) challenged me to attend a WeRCC meeting. I first said “No” because I am not a woman and even if I was, I am not a member. The lady said “we have associate members who are men and I will pay your $20 membership fee. So, what could I do but go to the meeting and join WeRCC as an Associate Member?

I was glad I did as I got to meet US Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. Congresswoman Foxx will be running as the Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional district-which Cleveland County will be in-due to the last re-districting maps that were recently re-drawn.

Congresswoman Foxx gave us all a rundown on her life–from dirt poor roots to a US Congresswoman–the old fashion way. Hard work, good morals, determination and diligence. And most of all, no compromise on our basic core beliefs. I was convinced. We all need to vote for Virginia Foxx as our US House Representatives in the 2020 Elections. If, for no other reason, but to cancel Nancy Pelosi’s liberal, turned Socialist, vote.

The WeRCC meeting held last night, September 10, 2020 was interesting too. There were two guest speakers.

District Judge Candidate Jamie Hodges spoke about his core beliefs that a District Count Judge should be Common Sense, Consistent and Conservative. That a Judge should judge according to the law and not try to “legislate from the bench.”

Of course, this is exactly what we need in a Judge. Later, when Judge to be Hodges asked me what I thought his chances were, I immediately told him “I think you have the Election in the bag,” both here and in Lincoln county. I recommend everybody vote for Jamie Hodges for District Court Judge.

The next speaker was Clifton Philbeck, Director of the Cleveland County Board of Elections. Mr. Philbeck told us that the usual staffing at the Board of Elections was three people, but for the 2020 General Elections coming up, 350 additional people had been hired. Of curse I asked the question “how much will this cost?” Mr. Philbeck said he hadn’t actually figured that out yet but CARES Grant funding (Coronavirus) and other grants would certainly be sufficient.

Most of the questions from the audience to Mr. Philbeck were about voter fraud and the rumor that Governor Roy Cooper might “find” an excuse to close down the elections on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020. Thus, allowing the predominantly Democrat “early voting” to carry the elections. Most likely using the COVID 19 as an excuse. Mr. Philbeck said, that this being a Presidential election, “A Federal Election” that Democrat Roy Cooper probably would not be able to do that.

As for me, I believe the Democrats will do just about anything to throw the elections away from President Donald Trump. I also remember the shenanigans in Durham in the 2016 Elections that brought Cooper from a 20,000-vote deficit to the Governors Mansion-largely, in my opinion, because the Republicans were “mad” at McCrory for a few vetoes and would not support him in a recount and possible legal action. Causing McCrory to just “concede” and leave the vindictive Republican “establishment” with four years of Roy Cooper as punishment for not supporting him with a recount demand. I hope the North Carolina Republican Party have learned that lesson.

Anyway, the WeRCC women continue doing the heavy work for the lazy Cleveland County Republican Party. Whose Executive Committee MO is to let a Republican Candidate that refuses to “kiss their ass” lose their election. (Of course, the CCGOP can provide their comments on this appraisal ( and I will publish them. But would probably make some “constructive” comments of my own.) My only suggestion to the WeRCC women is to not forget the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings as they did last night. I will take the blame for that as I did not remind them of that before the meeting was over. But nobody else did either. I would also suggest a Prayer rather than a moment of silence. I am particular about stuff like that.

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