Citizens of Cleveland County to Get their Faces Slapped at December 18, 2018 Commissioner’s Meeting!!! Commissioners Susan Allen and Ronnie Whetstine Just as Bad as Thrown out Commissioner Eddie Holbrook!! Throw them out too in 2020!!! Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The agenda for the December 18, 2018 Cleveland County Commissioner’s Meeting proves it all. The Commissioners do NOT give a damn for the citizens of Cleveland County.

The agenda shows a Public Hearing will be held regarding the elimination of the Existing Board of the Cleveland County Department of Social Services, the Commissioners taking over control of the DSS and then forming a DSS Advisory Board. A public hearing is required by law before such as this can be legally done. A Public Hearing is required by law so citizens can put their two cents in on whether or not they want the commissioners to do something. The Commissisoners are supposed to listen to the people and take their lead on what they do in regards to the issue at hand. “Supposed to” are the key words here.

But NOOooooo!!! The Commissioners “listen to the people.” That will not be the case with this board of commissioners!!!

Well they might “pretend” listen, but what they will decide has already been decided. The very next item on the agenda is to appoint the new DSS Advisory Board. These “Great Pretenders” didn’t even have to gumption to first pass the decision, including the will of the people; then, depending on the will of the people whether or not to pass the resolution and if it passed to select a new DSS advisory Board at a later Commissioner’s meeting. That way they could make the people at least “think” they had some influence.

But, Alas, the agenda tells it all. No matter what the people say, the commissioner’s decision has already been made and the decision on who they will appoint to the new DSS advisory board has been made too.

And who controls the Commissioner Meeting Agenda? The Chairman, Susan Allen and the Vice Chairman Ronnie Whetstine. Both of whom are up for re-election in 2020. Longtime incumbent Commissioner Johnny Hutchins too.

This is my position. The Existing DSS Board needs to be replaced in regard to how they are appointed and controlled. Too many dead children, food stamp fraud, etc. and especially the cover -up. Let the Commissioner’s go ahead and make their changes. Then, in 2020, throw out Commissioners Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins just like we just threw out Eddie Holbrook–at the ballot box. Remember the slap on the face you get tonight at the Commissioner’s meeting. Then us voters will do the final “slapping the Commissioner’s face” in the 2020 Elections. A Presidential Election year that promises a record turnout. That is how our form of government works. Ask former Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook.

In the meantime, just be patient. But remember just the same. I will help you remember.

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  1. Rev. Dante' A. Murphy
    December 18, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Robert, I wish to express somewhat of an opposing viewpoint to this current article. In that, 1) the county commissioners’ decision to hold a public hearings has not went without public input, or at least, the opportunity for such input regarding county oversight of DSS. If you remember, I personally pleaded for consideration of HB 438 back on June 21, 2016 during the county commissioners meeting. Since that time I have publically and continuously pushed for county oversight of DSS due to the belief that power, oversight, and accountability of unelected DSS board members should not supersede that of elected county officials. For more than two years citizens have had the opportunity to comment and give input to this idea, 2) the commissioners ability to make this drastic move is a sign of hope that this board will work diligently for will of the people of Cleveland County. To suggest that they should be “voted out” is premature. In that, every new venture should be given the chance to succeed and not fail. That chance should be advocated by the vast majority. It is a majority that turned out at the poles in record numbers in Cleveland County and unseated a longtime incumbent who many thought was untouchable, and 3) the scheduled public hearing regarding DSS is a great opportunity for the people of Cleveland County to be heard. It is my belief that few will comment on this action as most citizens do not care to get into the weeds of these technical and sometimes hard to understand policy changes. The majority of citizens are more concerned with outcomes of how such policy changes impact their individual lives.

    Moving forward it is imperative that gifted individuals continue to use their voices to promote the causes that they believe in and not be manipulated, coerced, and bullied by a few. It is my hope and prayers that Rev. Charles Webber, selected to fill an unexpired city council seat, will continue his role in advocating for a “stronger” Cleveland County and help put an end to plantation politics. Increased participation in political candidates seeking office will strengthen the voices of the people and challenge the status quo. No matter what becomes of President Trump he has taught us one thing in life-you can be yourself and still be POTUS!

    Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy
    Southern Coalition for Equal Protects Under the Law (SCEPUL)

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