Citizen Calls Out Teachers Retaliating Against Students!!! Abuse and Harassment Because Schools Restarted!!! Is this in Store for Cleveland County Schools??? If so, I will make sure YOU know about it. Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Former Cleveland County School Board Candidate Bill Gray pays attention to what happens at Cleveland County Schools and other school systems in North Carolina and across America. Bill sent me this Comment about schools reopening in Wake County and asked me if I thought it was newsworthy. Indeed, it is. Will WE have this same abuse aimed at our children from resentful teachers here in Cleveland County as they did in Wake County. If we do, I want to hear about it so I can tell YOU. Pronto!!!

This is what Bill Gray communicated to me:

Do You Think This Could Happen in Cleveland County Schools?

After reading the information presented in Mr. Williams post, I will assume so. Will a parent find out if it was happening, I will assume not. Every Cleveland County citizen should be demanding an investigation into the behind the curtain administrating of CCS! (BJ)

Wake County Parents report incidents of harassment, abuse of some students when schools restarted return full-time

Posted on February 20, 2021 by A.P. Dillon

“The reintroduction this week of children to full-time instruction at school has been met with reports of alleged mental, emotional, and physical abuse in Wake County Public Schools by staff and teachers.

Though the week was interrupted by inclement weather, the days students did attend brought a flurry of complaints of mistreatment of students across all grade levels in the district.

Parents at Panther Creek High School report that a teacher complained to students about having to return to the classroom and then blamed the students, calling them “selfish plague rats.”

At least one parent is confirmed to have confronted Panther Creek Principal Gregory Decker, who acknowledged the incident happened and said it was “addressed the same day.”
When asked about the Panther Creek incident, Wake County Public Schools Communications Director Lisa Luten said that “The principal is aware of the concern raised by a parent. He did not confirm any information with that parent.”
Decker did not name the teacher and parents with students who witnessed the remarks refuse to be identified and will not name the teacher for fear of further retaliation on their children.

At Middle Creek High School, a student reports that at least three teachers engaged in ‘freezing out’ students and some teachers were also using fans. Apparently, teachers had opened windows and left them open during class all day long, resulting in freezing classrooms and shivering students. At least one teacher at Middle Creek High forced all of her students to face away from her during class.

Multiple incidents of alleged abuse were reported at four elementary schools including Salem Elementary, Holly Grove Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, and Scotts Ridge Elementary.

Reports came in that some students were forced to eat breakfast and lunch sitting on the floor. In some cases, it was reported that kids were made to sit on the ground outdoors while facing a wall to eat meals while the temperature only rose to the mid-40’s.

Additional reports at Salem Elementary parents report that staff verbally harassed students sitting on the floor during breakfast to “move closer to the wall.”

Read more here: (This is a News Article that covers lots of things that are of interest to parents of children in school.) Please take the time to read the second and third portions of the article below to see that the so called “science” that closed our schools in the first place was likely false and politically motivated. It is YOUR Children’s’ education that has been shortchanged. You should remember this in the upcoming 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 elections. Perhaps I will remind you.

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Bill Balmer
5 months ago

Robert, have you noticed how easy going and stress free Fisher is at the meetings now? He is light hearted, makes jokes etc. He seems way more at ease and more comfortable with this Borad ….the same Board who promised to FIRE him if elected… your own words – I SMELL A RAT.