CCC’s BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland Disses Rev. Dante Murphy regarding DSS Hire!!! Says Murphy associated with Robert A. Williams Westmoreland Reverts to Good-Ole-Boy Training-Forgets to Think!!! Report and thinking lesson by Robert A. Williams

The source was clear. Cleveland Community College Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Wes Westmoreland, disses Rev. Dante Murphy when he said, “I don’t know anything bad about Rev. Dante Murphy except he associates himself with Robert A. Williams.” A classic Good-Ole-Boy ad hominem attack when he doesn’t have anything else factual to say. I just laughed, “Wes Westmoreland is just being Wes Westmoreland.” But, on second thought, there is a lesson to be learned here. And I will do the teaching.

First of all, the selection of a new DSS Director boils down to two candidates. Old style LGBTQ Cover-up Queen Jane Shooter and New Style Transparency and accountability advocated by Rev. Dante Murphy.

Jane Shooter was identified 25 years ago as a DSS supervisor who abused her position to advance her LGGBTQ following. Including her on-the-job drunk alcoholic partner who Shooter covered-up for her when she failed miserably to do her job. Even to the point of covering-up for not protecting an at-risk black child through numerous reports of abuse (including the child being raped at 18 months old by the mama’s boyfriend) and then the murder of the child at 2-1/2 years old. And 25 more years of such insider shenanigans, including a lawsuit against DSS that was paid off to keep the truth from coming out in a Federal Court trial.

Rev. Dante Murphy is an Afro-American Baptist Preacher who formerly worked for Cleveland County DSS. As well as Preached and also was the former President of the Cleveland County NAACP. Rev. Murphy also is a strong advocate for transparency and accountability in all government agencies. Rev. Murphy is not afraid to take a stand for what is right and deplores what is wrong. Rev. Murphy has often commented on some of my articles and provided his own thoughts on the matter. Very often coming to the same conclusion that I did, but from a different train of thought. Rev. Murphy is honest enough to “know” that much of what is called racist behavior is not actually racist, just low-down corruption at its core. That racism and corruption are not necessarily the same thing, therefore require different remedies. That racism, in the form of thought, may not necessarily be illegal and often should just be ignored; but corrupt practices are unethical and often illegal for everyone involved and requires an appropriate punishment.

Remember the emphasis on “a different train of thought.” Or just plain old “thinking” for oneself.

Wes Westmoreland apparently has the defective “learned behavioral trait” or a lack of critical thinking skills coupled with the Old Shelby habit of attacking the messenger (ad hominem attack) when confronted with news that cannot be explained or refuted by “truth;” so some defect in the character of the bearer of the news has to be invented and then attacked. Instead of just taking the truth as it is and dealing with it. Such as this is common in the Shelby Country Club set and other parts of Cleveland County.

But the lesson here, hopefully, is Wes Westmoreland does not really advocate covering-up racist or corrupt behavior and attitudes, but that he has just unfortunately learned bad habits and bad judgement calls from those he has chosen to associate himself with. And, since he has “learned” these bad things, he can UN-LEARN them.

If Wes Westmoreland has “learned” to justify wrong over right, then he can also learn to see the error of his ways and learn to be better able to discern wrong from right and then chose what is right. Instead of what is wrong!

If Wes Westmoreland has learned “guilt by association” as a part of his good-ole-boy status, then he can finally learn to think for himself and make his judgements based on the facts of the matter.

If Wes Westmoreland has learned that there is no need to think for himself because others have already told him what to think, then he can grow up and “man-up” (as necessary) and learn to think for himself.

If Wes Westmoreland has learned that he doesn’t have to answer to the people, listen to the citizens, respect those taxpayers whose money he is spending, then he can learn how to use all his news found free time when he is removed from his appointment or not re-appointed.

Besides all the “Ifs” noted above, several other things are certain here. Wes Westmoreland either will or will not learn these lessons. But with the disgraceful defeat of Westmoreland’s buddy Eddie Holbrook, us voters have learned what to do with our representatives when they don’t or won’t “get it” any more. Vote the bums out and move on full speed ahead.

Wes, if you don’t know how to think for yourself, look up Socrates, Plato and Aristotle on Wikipedia and do some reading. Or do some Bible reading. Read on until you see the light. You will be glad you did. I also believe you will change your tune and recommend to anybody that will listen that Rev. Dante Murphy is the best choice for the new DSS Director. No matter who Rev. Murphy he talks to or associates with.

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