CCC Board of Trustees-Federal Lawsuit Update!!! Subpoenas Out–Jury Trial Court Date Rescheduled for Jun 3, 2019!!! Anybody Care to Carpool to Asheville to Court-watch??? Report by Robert A. Williams

Documents related to Federal Court Cases are available for all those that take the time and effort to look them up. As the Wanda Leonard v. Cleveland Community College-Board of Trustee case had gone through all the legal hoops and lawyer maneuvers, the Jury Trial has been set for June 3, 2019 at the Federal Courthouse in Asheville, NC. If you want to see what this case is all about, go back to my article published March 22, 2019 included the Original Complaint filed by Ms. Leonard, with all the details.

It is a dirty rotten shame that the CCC BoTs didn’t do what was right from the very start. But, alas, they didn’t. And apparently the BoTs are still too stupid to do what is right in this matter. And there might be more lawsuits at CCC before this is over.

All I can say to the people of Cleveland County is I attended almost all of the CCC BoT Meetings, heard the valid complaints from those employees that were trying to do the, saw them mistreated and maligned and I got sick of it. It being the old “shut up and go away” strategy ingrained at CCC. CCS and the Commissioners too. When all else fails, go to court is the answer.

In this case I am certain, that if justice is done, the Federal Judge will teach CCC and the CCC BoTs the error of their ways in such a manner that they will be reluctant to ever get on the wrong side of the law ever again. I am also sure that many more less-brave folks that are watching this case to see if justice is indeed available to them too.

Anyway, the trial day is set, witnesses are subpoenaed. So, let the fun began. Anybody care to carpool to Asheville to watch the CCC high and mighty get themselves knocked down a peg or two?

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