“Bully” Phillip Glover Goes Ballistic at School Board Meetings !!!– Video “doctored” !!?? Report and commentary by Robert A. Williams

The Office of Sheriff of Cleveland County is the highest elected office in the county. Political chatter is that retired Highway Patrolman Phillip Glover ran for the School Board to get some political experience before running for his goal of Sheriff at the first opportunity when current Sheriff Alan Norman decides to retire. Now School Board Chairman Phillip Glover’s experience on the School Board is mostly bad experience with citizens complaints coming in from all sides. Somebody forgot to tell Glover that he had to have a shred of common sense, keep CCS on the right track, to control his bad temper, be able to properly manage taxpayer’s money and show some respect for citizens. All of which Glover has completely failed to do. Read on!!!

All of Glover’s major failures can be easily shown in just the past two meetings. The January 23, 2017 and February 13, 2017 meetings.

Glover and the rest of the Board completely missed the mark with selecting an architect for the auditoriums at Burns and Crest High Schools. They selected the Holland and Hamrick Architects for this project when this firm has made major mistakes in recent projects. Since we are talking auditoriums now, ask yourself what parameters are important for auditoriums? The number one parameter for a multipurpose auditorium is acoustics, where the goal is to design an auditorium that would have excellent acoustics for a variety of purposes. Specifically orchestra, drama, lectures and presentations.

Glover and his board member buddies selected Holland and Hamrick while in the very auditorium in the old Shelby High School that Holland and Hamrick just renovated at a very high cost. Everytime the HVAC kicks in the auditorium acoustics go right down the toilet. Yet Glover and company would pawn this kind of poor workmanship off at Burns and Crest High Schools while patting themselves on the back. Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony, himself an award winning architect who had bid on this work, also in attendance, couldn’t believe Glover and his cronies awarded the auditorium project to the same folks who had screwed CCS and others so many times before. Mayor Anthony left the meeting in obvious disgust with what had just happened.

Later in the January 23, 2017 meeting there were several agenda items about the new North Shelby School Project that will be constructed on the James Love Elementary School property. Glover and his cronies never have discussions or ask questions as they obviously don’t know anything about school construction and they refuse to take heed from those that do know a lot about commercial construction,

In these items, CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher again falsely stated that the North Shelby School students would have “educational opportunities” by such close proximity to the James Love School. Fisher never mentions that the doors between James Love and North Shelby will be normally locked. Fisher never-never mentions that James Love School has scored failing marks for several years and the State is about to take over James Love. Of course Fisher never admits that hooking North Shelby School to James Love School will allow James Love to be placed in a different category, saving CCS the embarrassment of actually being taken over by the State. Oh no!! CCS and Glover don’t want the beans spilled about that. Especially since Glover is up for election this year and the Sheriff’s race will be later (Hopefully never for Glover). And, so much for the myth that Glover, Fisher and the Board cronies give a whit about the students at North Shelby or Burns or Crest.

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