Breaking News Pt II: High Level County Employee Sam Lockridge Resigns Under Pressure !!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

Thursday: June 8, 2017 4:10 PM

To: Robert A. Williams

Dear Mr. Williams,

Mr. Lockridge is currently employed by Cleveland County and is on approved leave. He has resigned effective June 30, 2017.

Thank you, Allison Mauney

Allison Mauney
Human Resources Director
Cleveland County
311 E. Marion Street
Shelby, NC 28150

The email above is the first “official” peep out of Cleveland County Government regarding the brouhaha surrounding Sam Lockridge as of some major accusations against Lockridge that first came out Tuesday. I have had many reports, the last report today was that major interviews have been conducted and four MORE women have come forward with complaints.

Lockridge’s resignation on his own terms is a sure fire sign that the County Commissioners and the Health Department are covering up some big and dark secret. All indications are this is related to sexual harassment allegations. Hasn’t the many and major scandals engulfing the Cleveland Community College taught these crazy commissioners anything? If Lockridge has done something major league (a baseball term that Commissioner Eddie Holbrook should understand) wrong, the Commissioners should fire Lockridge on the spot. I reckon the School Board practice of forcing their sexual offenders to resign so they can deny knowing anything about the situation is the path the commissioners intend to take in this Sam Lockridge situation.

Oh well. I am predicting a lawsuit will come out of this sooner or later. And the county (taxpayers as always) will pay out big bucks. The commissioners may already be in the process of secretly paying out big bucks to keep the accusers silent. Of course we will be keeping an eye on this and will report when any more news comes in.

If anyone has information about this situation, please contact me, Robert A. Williams, at 704-538-8257 or email Identities will be kept confidential.

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