Breaking News-Mt. Calvary Baptist Church to Pay up On Purchase of “Old” North Shelby School to head off Lawsuit!!! Taxpayers to Collect their $523,500 owed!!! Per School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen. Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, before I say another word, Please watch the CCS video Broadcast for the April 26, 2021 School Board Meeting. I will follow up later regarding what appears to be the School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen’s “meltdown” over the school board’s part in the cover-up in this matter. Stay tuned!!!

Enter the following:

Then click on the April 26, 2021 School Board meeting

Call your friends, neighbors and fellow taxpayers and advise them to also watch the Broadcast!

Then call the Shelby Star and ask them why they are missing in action???

Again, stay tuned for my full assessment regarding my intent to file a lawsuit that seemed to get this whole thing started.

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