Breaking News—More Fights at Cleveland County Schools!!! Black Girl Beats up and viciously stomps head of Homosexual Boy at Shelby Middle School!! Black Girl Beats white troublemaker at Crest High School-Girl Arrested!! –Report and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

Since my report and video just days ago about the black girl beating an autistic white boy at Shelby High School, I have received the following additional reports of:

1. A Black girl beating and stomping the head of a homosexual boy at Shelby Middle School Friday, May 23, 2019. There is a video of this event that I am trying to get my hands on. Once I do, I will provide it to the public. Note that the previous beating of the autistic boy in Gym Class at Shelby Middle School resulted in Principal Justin Bridges destroying the security video and the Shelby Police Department doing nothing because SMS called the incident a “game,” although one gym coach was allegedly forced to retire over the incident.

2. A Black girl beating up a white troublemaking boy at Crest High School just a few days ago. Crest High School Principal Holly Robinson, known as a strict disciplinarian who goes by the book and strictly follows school board policies, had the attacking girl arrested.

3. The reporter indicated there were other incidents of fights and beatings at Kings Mountain several weeks ago, but did not have the details.

None of these incidents, except for the incident at Crest High School have had any referrals to Law Enforcement as required by School Board Policies.

We renew our request that School Board Member Danny Blanton request these fighting incidents and the breaking of school board policies be placed on the agenda for the next school board meeting. We demand that School Board Chairman Shearra Miller put this on the agenda and further demand that the School Board take disciplinary actions against any CCS employee, and administrator, up to and including CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher, be thoroughly reprimanded and severely disciplined for allowing and covering up of the numerous school board policy violations.

We also realize that there are probably many other student fights and bullying at CCS facilities that are not between races and sexes that are also not reported properly by CCS in accordance with CCS board policies. It seems that the CCS school board is making a major effort to update their policies, but such efforts are totally deceptive and phony as the school board itself refuses to take the appropriate actions to enforce their own policies. And most of the cover-up involves an obvious conspiracy between CCS Board Chairman Shearra Miller and CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher.

It is also very likely that the case here is the inequity in disciplinary actions between black students and white students is based on the lingering effects of CORRUPTION at CCS, the City of Shelby and elsewhere in Cleveland County that is hiding behind the camouflage of “racism” that enables such corruption to be overlooked, minimized and covered-up. Root out the corruption and perhaps the racism will likely be rooted out too.

So, let’s all of us, black and white-men and women, stand behind rooting out the corruption at CCS, the City of Shelby and elsewhere in Cleveland County and just see what happens!!! And go from there.

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