Breaking News!!! Inmate Kills Inmate in Cleveland County Jail!!! Today-Monday Morning between 7-9AM!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Today is April Fools Day, April 1, 2019. But this is no joke!!

Trusted sources report that about 7-9 AM today, one inmate killed another inmate in the Cleveland County Jail. The two men were in a holding cell together awaiting court hearings when one inmate killed the other inmate. The killing was not discovered until it was time to bring the inmates down to the courtroom. The killer is reported to be transported to another facility for his own safety.

We offer condolences to the family of the murdered inmate as well as the Sheriff and his family upon the death of Sheriff Alan Norman’s father, Jimmy Wesson Norman on March 30,2019.

Such as this reminds all of us of just how dangerous it is working as a law enforcement officers, corrections officers and even inmates in jail or prison situations. Man or woman. If this was a procedural problem or an equipment problem or whatever, we would hope any such problem will be identified and fixed as there is likely to be a lawsuit arising from this unfortunate incident.

Presently, the identities of the inmates, killer and killed, is not known. Stand by for that information when we get it.

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