Breaking News!!! Commissioner “Massa” Eddie Holbrook caught red-handed taking big “gambling money” from out of state campaign donor with ties to gambling and Las Vegas!!! $68,000 + spent on failed re-election campaign Report by Robert A. Williams

Massa Eddie Holbrook raised and spent over $68,000 on his 2018 re-election campaign for a County Commissioner’s job that pays about $12,000 per year. Such spending was many times more that all his opponents spent, all put together. But don’t believe me, Massa’s campaign financial reports are online on the Cleveland County Board of Elections website.

Also, if you dare go there and look it up, you will see that 17 donors to Massa Eddie donated $1,000 or more to Massa. Including a large donation from an out of state gambling promoter with ties to Las Vegas. Look it up, it’s there.

I am in the process of “connecting the dots and following the money” regarding the Catawba Casino that has recently re-ignited the news headlines. The details of Massa Eddie’s financial wheeling and dealing, as well as many of those 17 largest Holbrook donors appear to be large donors to US Senators Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Thom Tillis and Richard Burr of North Carolina. All of which just sponsored a bill to promote gambling at the Catawba Casino in Cleveland County.

Another lesson-learned from Holbrook’s massive spending that still resulted in disgrace and defeat is that money won’t necessarily buy an election in Cleveland County anymore. That was a good thing. But it took a major turnout on election day to pull this off. As well as informed voters. I look to the 2020 elections, a Presidential election year, and predict another massive turnout of informed and misinformed voters. I certainly plan to do my part in providing information regarding voting records, etc. or the 2020 candidates.

Anyway, stay tuned for the rest of this story and more. This story is just now getting started. And YOU will be the first to know.

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