Breaking News-Cleveland County Has a Republican Sheriff!!! Sheriff Alan Norman Cleveland County’s Latest Republican!! Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Sheriff Alan Norman has announced on his Facebook page, that he has filled out the Board of Elections paperwork to change his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Sheriff Alan Norman’s exact words are:

“After much thought and prayer, I submitted paper work to the Board of Elections to change my party affiliation to the Republican Party. I did not leave the Democrat Party, the party left me. Enough said!”

Sheriff Norman’s Facebook page has lit up with positive comments. That is a good omen for All Republican candidates in the 2020 elections. Sheriff Norman is not up for re-election until 2022.

Why Sheriff Alan Norman chose this time to announce his change in part8y affiliation is anybody’s guess right now. But, after watching President Trumps State of the Union Address last night and the Democrat’s actions and responses, I would speculate that it was about time.

Other than that, I will take Sheriff Alan Norman’s lead and just say, for now, “Nuff said Alan!!!”

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Robert A Williams
7 months ago

Within minutes of posting this article, I received a phone call suggesting that the Democrats on the School Board that recently filed the notorious and frivolous $3 million Lawsuit against Sheriff Norman had something to do with the Sheriff changing parties.

I don’t know if that was the FINAL STRAW, but I would bet that it was ONE of the MANY straws.

Personally, after all the phony impeachment stuff, abortion and gun control shenanigans, I can’t see anybody running as a Democrat ever being elected to anything. The five Republican Commissioners,; Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine, Johnny Hutchins, Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin-the ones who pushed the last sales tax increase referendum on us last November-makes me wonder about a lot of Republicans too.

Stay tuned for my recommendations for the School Board and Commissioner 2020 Primary Elections coming up real soon. We have to identify and eliminate the RINO’s from office where ever we find them.

Robert A. Williams

7 months ago

This was good to see.