Breaking News!!!—Breaking News!!! Willie Green was spotted at the Courthouse!!!: Report forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Trusted sources report that Mr. Willie A. Green was spotted this morning around 10:30 AM down at the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center, often called the new Courthouse. It appears that Mr. Green was headed down toward the Law Enforcement area on the first floor. But that could have been the first stop to have papers served or to file a lawsuit or go to the magistrate’s office to file charges against some of the criminal acts that are being pulled on him. Or to participate in an investigation that Mr. Green has previously publicly called for.

That call for an investigation was made against the Mayor of Shelby, Stan Anthony that alleges possible “self-dealing” criminal violations and perhaps extortion and bribery. Perhaps others in the City of Shelby, like the City Council members and the City Manager may be involved. Certainly things that need investigation from an outside agency. Maybe even the FBI. However, if you have followed the news since Donald Trump was elected President, even the FBI and the Department of Justice seem to be “weaponized” to a surprising extent.

As Mr. Green is still on the premises as we speak, we do not know exactly what is going on. But, folks, you will be the first to know as soon as we find out. That is our promise.

By the way, the 2019 elections early voting is still going on. The final election day is next Tuesday November 5, 2019. Be sure to vote. And especially vote AGAINST the Sales Tax increase that the commissioners are trying to slip in on us taxpayers without telling us exactly what the extra money will be used for. And what they do tell us seems to always turn out to be lies. Like CCS building auditoriums at Burns and Crest. That big lie is a discussion for another day.

Stay Tuned folks for all the news that is fit to print. Especially regarding Mr. Green and all of the racial discrimination that is going against him.

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