Breaking News!!!—Breaking News!!! Federal Court Judge Dismisses City of Shelby and Rick Howell’s Motion to Dismiss Willie Green’s Lawsuit!!! Case is One Step Closer to a Jury Trial!!! Justice may prevail after all!! Will Cleveland County be next??? Report by Robert A. Williams

Time and legal loopholes are closing in on the Willie Green v. City of Shelby and Rick Howell (Individually) lawsuit that has been in the news recently. Scroll on back a few articles and you will find my report, including the original lawsuit, Rick Howell’s defamatory email to the City Council, Shelby’s Motion to Dismiss as well as Shelby’s flimsy “Memorandum of Law” that they hung their hat on that just got thrown out by a Federal Judge. If you check on the Star’s phony article, you will see that the Star has egg on their faces too because of their slanted fake news reporting.

What this means now is the City of Shelby and Rick Howell will finally have to address the content of Mr. Willie Green’s lawsuit and file an “Answer” to each point in the lawsuit. Such answers will be sworn-to and if Shelby and Howell lie, they may find themselves in Federal Prison.

After the “Answer” is filed by the defendants-the City of Shelby and Rick Howell, a process called “Discovery” is in order. In “Discovery,” witnesses such as the Mayor of Shelby, every member of the Shelby City Counsel as well as other city officials and employees, will testify under oath in “Depositions.” Again, lie under oath in Federal Court and you will find yourself in prison too. Usually under such circumstances witness will “sing like canaries” to tell the truth and keep themselves out of prison.

Since I have read every page of the original lawsuit, Rick Howell’s defamatory email to the City Council, the Motions to Dismiss and every other legal trick the City and Howell have used to delay and run up the cost for Mr. Green in an attempt to run him off from seeking justice, I have formed my own opinion.

My opinion is the City of Shelby and Rick Howell better be pulling out their checkbooks, busting open their kid’s Piggy-Banks, putting their wives to working second jobs and try to settle this case with Mr. Green as soon as possible. Of course, if Mr. Green wants full justice, money may not be enough. After all these years of defamation on so many fronts, calling Mr. Green a Muslim, a predator, a crook, etc. Mr. Green may well demand that the Mayor, Council and Howell resign and make the City of Shelby pay out the ying-yang on top of that. Actually, that process is called punitive damages. “Punitive Damages” is the price you pay as punishment for your wrongdoing so you won’t do those wrongs any more. The more wrongdoing, the higher the punitive damages can be. In the Million$ even.

This case just became very interesting. And the thing is, the taxpayers in Shelby may end up having to pay the bills for what their elected so-called leaders have done. Rich Howell, individually, may end up living under a bridge and picking up aluminum cans for a living.

Also, since Mr. Willie Green has had similar experiences with the Cleveland County Commissioners. And us citizens are responsible for paying the bills if we might find ourselves in a similar situation as the City of Shelby and Rick Howell. This time it would be Willie A. Green v. Cleveland County and Eddie Holbrook, Individually.

Folks, “what goes around-comes around” may apply here. Such so-called leaders as losers Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook may have already put Cleveland County on the hook for tons of money paid out as punitive damages. And we deserve it too. We took way too long in getting rid of Jason and Eddie. And we deserve what we get. All I can say to that is to get yourself informed and turn yourselves out to vote on election day.

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