Breakiing News!!! Commissioners Delay DSS Director Hiring Process-Again and Again!!! Feb 5, 2019 to Feb 27, to May 1-2!! Who knows after that??? My Freedom of Information Act Request apparently got some notice!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Commissioners are between a rock and a hard place with the corrupt DSS they just took over. Stuck Between Right and Wrong. Between transparency and cover-up. They are stuck to the “Tar-Baby.” It is of their own making.

The smart thing for the Commissioners to do is to immediately hire Rev. Dante Murphy as the new DSS Director and be done with it. Evidence is piling up on the old DSS Board favorite, Jane Shooter, and her decades of experience. Bad experience that is. If there were any justice, Shooter and her band of LGBTQ screwups would have been weeded out a long time ago. Maybe even imprisoned for the bad acts that they have done. I can count 25 years’ worth of criminal activity myself. Scroll on back and read for yourself. Dead babies that should have been protected. Food Stamps being the currency of choice for the drug trade. Phony incompetency charges. Weaponizing the child abuse reporting procedures. Lying under oath. Always lying under oath. Filing false documents, on-and-on with the DSS Board always doing nothing. Never providing oversight even when DSS is caught red-handed.

Now the Commissioners have taken over the corruption cover-ups. And then got themselves caught with their pants down. Under the incompetent leadership of Commissioner Chairman Susan Allen and County Manager Brian Epley who haven’t quite gotten the message that Elections have consequences, some new blood on the Commissioner Board are having second thoughts about blindly following the lead, the bad lead, in covering -up the corruption that is smacking them in the face.

And, there is the Robert A. Williams effect that Wes Westmoreland is bad mouthing.

I have made it my business to question Cleveland County Agencies at every whiff of corruption. And brought the many issues before the people. The voters. Citizens who have started to pay attention. I have injected the Penicillin of truth into the pus and corruption at CCS, CCS, the ALWS, DSS, etc. and the germs are squalling and bawling.

My last dose of the truth, with a little battle strategy behind it, I believe caused this last delay in the DSS Director hiring process. This is how it went down.

Recognizing, from years of observation, that the favorite excuse of the commissioners (and other Department Heads) is that they didn’t have the information regarding corruption at the time they were making decisions. Well, this time, since the Commissioners have taken over the DSS, the truth is in DSS’s (Commissioners) own records. So, I hit upon a plan to expose the murder cover-up of little Jodice Peeler. The little black child that was murdered 25 years ago.

The records are there under the noses of the Commissioners who were damned well going to ignore it. So, I hit upon a plan.

The murdered black child has been dead since 1994. So, no amount of confidentiality will protect her now. Therefore, all the DSS records should be public records and I was going to submit a Freedom of Information Act and NC Public Records Law request for the records. By making the Commissioners have to produce those records, any excuse that they didn’t know about the facts of the matter would be bogus and everybody would know it was bogus.

This is the text of My Freedom of Information Act request submittal. Notice that I informed the commissioners exactly what I was doing. No need to be bashful when dealing with corruption.

March 3, 2019
To: Commissioners and County Manager

Subject: Freedom of Information Act-NC Public Records Request for documents-DSS Reports Jodice Peeler, Norma Peeler, Murder Trial Documents, Autopsy Reports, etc.

Please note that I have delivered and forwarded two 1995 Articles to the County Manager’s Office that describe child abuse, murder and DA and DSS Cover-up regarding Jodice Peeler, Norma Peeler, Bruce Whisnant, Jane Shooter and others.

Note that the minor child Jodice Peeler was killed in 1994 and there are no records anywhere, confidential or otherwise that can protect her now. Also note that his request to the Commissioners and County Manager is for the purpose of requiring these records being in the hands of the Commissioners so they cannot deny knowledge of them and to publicize them to the public as well.

Under the Freedom of Information Act as well as North Carolina Public Records Laws, I am requesting the opportunity to review each and every record regarding DSS’s involvement with the minor child Jodice Peeler, her mother Norma Peeler, Bruce Whisnant, as well as those of Jane Shooter, Pat Jenkins, Pam Prichard (Brite), Lorene W. Rogers Karen Ellis and the Cleveland County Department of Social Services Board at that time previously noted.

I would expect immediate recovery of these documents, records and files as they now belong to the Commissioners and would be totally relevant to the hiring process of a new DSS Director in 2019.


Robert A. Williams

Note this Freedom of Information Act Request was sent to the Commissioners on March 3, 2019. Two Days later the Commissioners issued a delay order in the DSS Director Hiring process to May-1-2, 2019. My bet is they are trying to figure out what to do now.

That part is so easy. Hire Rev. Dante Murphy as DSS Director, give Rev. Murphy the go ahead to clean up any corruption that he finds at DSS, and then let Rev. Murphy take the necessary actions that should have been taken 25 years ago all the way up to today’s date.

Commissioners, forget about covering up for DSS anymore. The truth is out and the 2020 elections are rapidly approaching. Why do I feel it is necessary to say any more?

If the answer to that question is to continue the commissioner’s cover-up of major taxpayer funding $5,000,000) for the ALWS, you can forget that right now. Citizens and taxpayers want that stopped immediately too.

Folks, also don’t forget to remind CCC BoT Chairman Wes Westmoreland to get on the ball with his “thinking for himself” exercises. CCC still has some “fixing” to do with the many individuals who were mistreated and “damaged” by bad acts at CCC. Students too. WE haven’t forgotten about that either.

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