Black City of Shelby Council Members Called-out by other Blacks to FIRE Rick Howell!!!! I call them out too-along all with the White Council Members!!! I do not discriminate. I call out every Elected official when they do wrong!!! Red and Yellow, Black AND White!!! Report, analysis, evaluation, informed opinion and truth by Robert A. Williams

History and focus:

In 2008 the City of Shelby commissioned a group of “experts” to develop a 10-Year Masterplan for the City of Shelby. At the time I read that Masterplan, especially the part about removing the Confederate Soldier Memorial and all the other memorials around the Court Square. Vietnam, Korea, WWI and WWII too. History is history and I do not support trying to re-write it. Just learn from history and go on to do better in the future. Re-writing history is just a ploy for so-called “leaders” to ignore bad things and forge3t they ever happened. For the purpose keeping on doing the bd things over and over again. Forever it often seems.

Willie Green also read this 10-Year Masterplan and found that the City of Shelby was looking to build a sports complex as a public-private partnership. Willie, being a former NFL player, winner of two Superbowl Rings and now a businessman with a focus on sports and doing good things for students, especially athletics, was interested. Interested enough to contact the City of Shelby to explore this opportunity to fulfill what the City of Shelby had proclaimed to the world as what they wanted to do. And why not. Willie also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Administrations. That, plus business experience made Willie Green a perfect for what Shelby said that they were looking for.

So, Willie contacted the City of Shelby. City Manager and Mayor too asking if they were still interested in building a sports complex, along the lines of a private-public partnership as described in their 10-Year Masterplan. Documents show the City was interested. Willie then began developing his ideas. Willie also contracted with Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony, an architect by trade, to do his preliminary architect work.

Things were good and the planning was developing nicely. To the point that Willie needed to hire the architect that would do the final work. Willie shopped the work around to various architects and selected the one with the best value (price). It was NOT Mayor Stan Anthony’s firm and things went South from there. To the point of lawsuits in State Court, Federal Court and back to State Courts. As things stand right now, there is a lawsuit again Rick Howell for defamation. There are lawsuits against City Council member Violet Dukes as well as Mayor Stan Anthony. On a related, but unrelated matter involving a building project Willie Green was working on, but the City council denied his zoning change request without even allowing Mr. Green to speak, lawsuits are developing out of that too.

But the Rick Howell, as an individual, lawsuit has progressed the most and will be the topic for the rest of this article.

Regarding Rick Howell’s role as the City Manager for Shelby, normally such a position, when performed in a proper, legal, ethical and unbiased manner has immunity from prosecution. Unless malicious intent and a corrupt intent can be shown. Then a public official, elected or employed, can be sued as an individual. But there is a high standard of proof required.

So, Willie Green filed his lawsuit against Rick Howell in an individual capacity. Rick Howell, using a City paid attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit based on his having immunity. A Court hearing was scheduled for December 10, 2019 and I attended that hearing, along with others.

In that hearing, with Judge W. Todd Pomeroy presiding, Rick Howell’s Shelby taxpayer paid lawyer and her pitch to the judge that Rick Howell had immunity from prosecution. Willie Green’s self-paid attorney presented facts. laws and evidence that there was indeed malicious and corrupt intent on Rick Howell’s part; therefore, Rick Howell could be sued in his individual capacity.

As for me, I sat up front where I could see and hear everything that was going on as best as possible. I observed and noted Rick Howell seeming to squirm as the old saying goes, “like a whore in Church.” Rick Howell’s city-paid attorney, Martha Thompson, seemed to be unprepared and halting in her statements. It reminded me of a person trying to stick to a phony script that is different than the truth-and trying to hide the difference.

On the other hand, Willie Green’s self-paid attorney was well prepared, had his facts straight and answered every question from the Judge and Howell’s attorney correctly and without any hesitation.

The judge, Superior Court Judge W. Todd Pomeroy from Lincolnton was also observed to be totally alert, paying attention and not missing anything. This was my first-time court-watching with this judge presiding. I was well impressed. Judge Pomeroy was obviously aware that stripping immunity from a City Manager such as Rick Howell was a bid deal, a REAL big deal, and he did not intend to make any mistakes. And to the best of my understanding, Judge Pomeroy did not make any mistakes. Judge Pomeroy ruled that Rick Howell’s conduct was malicious and corrupt, Howell COULD be tried in his individual capacity and denied Howell’s Motion to Dismiss-which allows the lawsuit to continue toward a jury trial.

Of course, this puts Shelby City Manager Rick Howell in a fix with only two choices. Appeal the Judges ruling. Or, man-up for what you did and just go to trial and face a jury as they decide what your justice will be. Rick Howell choose to appeal the Judges ruling and continue using his city paid attorney. And continue to delay. Delay, DELAY!!! Hoping Willie Green will be struck by a streak of lightning. Fearing that it is himself, Rick Howell, that will be struck by a streak of lightning. And perhaps the whole City council and Mayor, before this blatant miscarriage of justice against Mr. Willie Green is over with.

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3 comments for “Black City of Shelby Council Members Called-out by other Blacks to FIRE Rick Howell!!!! I call them out too-along all with the White Council Members!!! I do not discriminate. I call out every Elected official when they do wrong!!! Red and Yellow, Black AND White!!! Report, analysis, evaluation, informed opinion and truth by Robert A. Williams

  1. May 3, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Hello Neighbor,

    Hope you are well. In the last post I wrote a little about the CCS fool board and their politicking. This time I want to share an incident that happened at a City Meeting. I went uptown to attended the fool board meeting, for some reason it was canceled . I decided to travel a littler further and visit the pub. When I arrived I noticed that there was a large crowd at the council building. It was strange that there was such a crowd there. I meandered over and ask if they were giving turkeys away. I was informed that there was a zoning meeting being held. When the doors were open the crowd moved in and folks just kept coming. I commended the Fire Inspectors for the excellent job they did of monitoring the capacity numbers, which was reached quickly. I soon learned that the concern was over an apartment building that was to be built in some part of town. This was the first time I had heard about this. The meeting got underway. A Gentlemen ( I am most sure it was the City Manager, I spoke with him once before, when I was threatened by the City ) explained the particulars. A power point was shown. Some chatter ensued and then it was turned to public comment. I don’t remember if any one spoke in favor of the construction. A Gentleman then spoke in opposition of the construction. Wow, this Gentleman was very prepared. Turned out that he was the spokesman for the community. His presentation was flawless. It seemed that the main issues were traffic, water run off and the change of the communities cohesion. I had given my seat to an elderly lady and was standing in the isle. A Gentleman came rushing in, I acknowledge him and moved aside to allow him some room. I assumed that this was Mr. Green. The order of these events may be off a bit. The meeting then turned to discussion amongst the counsel members. Mr. Green then ask to speak, his request was denied. Mr. Green then stated that he was a principal in this issue and should be able to explain his proposal to the Citizens, he was then a bit more sternly denied. I remember that the Citizen’s were ask to vote by raising their hand for or against. The against clearly won. The council voted and the request was denied. There was much jubilation on the decision. The crowd quickly dispersed. I lagged behind. As I walked outside things really, really got interesting. There were people on the right, there were people on the left and their were a few people in the street. A young Police Officer was in the middle. There was shouting, things like ” you don’t live there ” and ” you don’t either” and ” Now it is a racial thing “. The Officer was telling people that the meeting was over and to move on, then repeating it. I spoke briefly to the Officer and complimented him on a job well done, he was very professional. The excitement was evidently pretty intense shortly before I came out, because he was a little shaken. Well, that’s my story.
    This was one of the most lively meetings I have attended.

  2. May 4, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    I would like to add an addendum to my post above. I was very conservative in my story. Now, let me give you my personal take. Mr. Green is no doubt a very disciplined man.
    As I see it he has been pushed over and over. My opinion is that most of the elected officials on the council couldn’t take what they dish out, if it was directed at them, most of them would breakdown, and probable cry. I was told by a source that I absolutely believe, that Mr. Green had been out of town, which explains why he was late for the meeting. Anyone that would have taken a good look at him would agree with that, he had rushed from somewhere. He was a wreck. It was absolutely wrong to not allow Mr. Green to speak. There was real hostility in the voice that denied him of doing so. In the meeting there was talk of the proposed construction becoming another Ramblewood, and about declining property values. Mr. Green plainly and earnestly ask to explain his plans and to attempt to explain and discuss such ideas, but he was not allowed to do so. The trouble is that there are always loose ends when politics settle issues, as they did here and the CCS meeting. The highbrows and the attendees fanned the flames, just as the highbrows and attendees at the CCS meeting did. If this is not stopped, the likes of the small skirmish outside City Hall are going to grow. It will not be Mr. Greens fault. I am just an Old Man that has lived life in the real world. I feel that I can somewhat size up people, because I have been there and done that. In my opinion Mr. Green, in these circumstances has been able to stay above this, close to the line but not cross it. Stronger man than myself.

    • Willie Green, Sr.
      May 5, 2020 at 5:31 pm

      Bill your source is correct, I had to rush back to town for the hearing because I was told that if I was not present, the City would not consider my zoning application. Here is where the problem lies with the process, the notice I received in the mail to let me know the date of my hearing stated the hearing would be a Quasi-Judicial Hearing which means only sworn testimony from a licensed or certified professional is allowed. And that person can only speak on facts and evidence under oath. But the City changed my hearing without given me a follow-up notice in the mail to a Legislative Hearing, which means the public is allowed to speak and truth or facts do not matter. No other zoning hearing that day was a Legislative Hearing. Again, I was not given any advance notice of this change, I was required to attend the hearing but not allowed to speak, and the Mayor and Council Members could have allowed me to respond to the false claims by Stacey Heavner – who does not live in the community – but they did not. So I have filed a lawsuit in District Court against Mr. Heavner for his defaming comments.

      As for the “skirmish” outside, I, along with my attorney, a local pastor, and a City police officer was talking outside when the group came out of the zoning hearing. I asked them why they did not contact me if they had concerns about my townhouses. This one lady started towards me and was claiming I was threatening her, I turned to the policeman who was standing next to me and I asked him did he hear me use any threatening words? He said no and he asked the lady to back up, my attorney also put his arm between me and the lady to stop her from walking up on me. Can you imagine that image a 6-4″ 275-pound black man standing over a 5′-5″ 120-130 pound white women and how that would have played out in the press if I would have really threatened her? One guy even said he was going to his car and “get his pistol”. My attorney and I left and I have decided to also file lawsuits against the Mayor and other City Council Members individually and for their personal assets for their comments in the Shelby Star about me. The jury box or the ballot box is the only way to hold our officials responsible for their actions.

      Thanks for your continuous support.

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