Bill Gray Speaks Out on Commissioner’s Never-ending Wasteful Spending!! The Wheels of the Commissioner’s spending bus goes around and around–Until Voters put a stop to it!!! –Comment forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Bill Gray pays attention, checks things out and speaks his mind. We need more citizens and voters like Bill Gray. This comment is about the previous article I wrote about the continuing shenanigans pulled off by the Cleveland County Commissioners and how they try to hide and cover-up the truth from the public.

Bill Gray says:

Here is the way I see it.
Local government charges us with the responsibility for this debt, while it uses their wealth (which is actual our money) to purchase everything in sight! So, government is in truth collecting interest as well as dividends on the money that it borrows… from itself!!! The inhabitants of Cleveland County pay their taxes, license fees, inspection fees, permit fees, etc., in order to pay this interest, which is in reality a “profit” for the so-called “non-profit” government. It’s really a win-win situation for government investment funds. I am not an accountant, but I receive the agenda for the City meetings, there is a constant moving of money from account to account. Our County is just one of the small corporations, feeding a state corporation, feeding a federal corporation, which then ends up in the, United States Corporations CEO’s pockets which then lobbies and offers perks to the top, all the way down and the local politician rubber stamps it and has no idea of what is happening. The wheels on the bus go around and around.

N3CN, from the information I have read, is just another way to evaluate our children for what they claim to be mental illness. It is the first direct thing I have seen to get a County employee or representative into your house. Take a look at their website, I believe it says the same thing I just said. All things point to education, the fastest growing franchise in America and the destruction of the Republic.

Community Care NC

Here is the Governor’s plan.

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Bill Gray

More information on last post. Lynne Taylor, a Mooresville, Mom, has more information on the destruction of N.C. schools than anyone on the planet. We must have a new School Board in 2020. I’m not sure if the fool system can even be turned around, but I am sure that the majority on the ones we have on the fool board now, will keep pushing us to the edge of the cliff.