Auditoriums for Burns and Crest High Schools Killed by School Board, Commissioners!! No Money Available!!!— Report by Robert A. Williams

For all you parents, students and interested citizens who have been waiting 50 years for the Burns and Crest High Schools to be brought up to equal facilities as Shelby and Kings Mountain High Schools, i.e. Auditoriums, swimming pools and athletic fields, it ain’t going to happen. Despite all the hoopla and a surprising publicity stunt started by CCS Board Chairman Phillip Glover, up for re-election this year, at the August 22, 2016 School Board meeting as well as a continuing deception that these auditoriums were actually going to be built soon; the January 3, 2017 Cleveland County Commissioners meeting statements by CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher advising that CCS was taking the auditoriums off the table and, therefore, the Commissioners voted to not fund the auditorium projects in a consolidated loan application-which killed it all. Since the Shelby Star did NOT report this in their report on the Commissioner’s meeting, the proverbial “cat is out of the bag” is finally out in the open.

This was all totally predictable. Scroll back to my previous articles published in Citizens For Good Government on the following dates:

1. August 27, 2016 titled “Burns and Crest Auditoriums!!–A Bait and Switch??? Just a Publicity Stunt? Or the Real Thing?? 8-22-2016 School Board Meeting Full of Contradictions and Deception!!!”

2. October 8, 2016 titled “School Board Buying a Pig in the Poke!!! No money left for auditoriums at Burns and Crest??”

3. October 19, 2016 titled “October 10, 2016 School Board Meeting Gives Cleveland County Voters What They Deserve, Again!!! $2,297,000 Wasted ???” Per the January 3, 2017 Commissioners Meeting, add another $1 million wasted on the North Shelby School project. No wonder there is no money for the auditoriums.

4. October 24, 2016 titled “CCS Set to Give Update on $2,297,000 Wasted on the new North Shelby School Project and another $18,000 Wasted on Revising CCS Board Policies at CCS Board October 24, 2016 Workshop. No Public Participation is Allowed!!!”

Also. the Commissioners have been throwing money away hand over fist too on other pet projects that have loaded up taxpayers with loans, bonds and a number of so called economic development projects that will never pay for themselves

So county folks, your lack of participation in the political process has given you NO leverage to secure equal facilities for your children like the city folks have had for the last 50 years. And you keeping quite about it for 50 years hasn’t helped your cause either. With the indefinite delay caused by the Commissioners vote (at the request of CCS) to NOT fund the auditoriums, any new effort to build new auditoriums hooked to 50++ year old schools are not wise decisions. So the auditoriums, swimming pools and ball fields at Burns and Crest are now and forever just wishful thinking.

The January 3, 2017 Commissioner’s meeting was full of deception, misrepresentations and downright lies. I have now received a copy of the audio recording of this meeting. So, stay tuned for more information about this meeting at a later date. I just thought you should know as soon as possible that your auditoriums will not be built.

If you have any wisdom and smarts at all, you will quit electing Commissioners and School Board members who do not give you and your children a fair shake. There are four school board positions open for election this year and three commissioner positions open next year. Your only hope is to get together and run for office and elect your people to serve YOU for a while. Hey folks, that’s how politics works.

Be sure to read the previous articles noted above. Tell all you friends and neighbors about how you and your children and grandchildren have been screwed for 50 years.

Wake up Cleveland County!!! The children that gets an equal education in Cleveland County schools might just be YOUR children.

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